BestMeta: Harnessing the Blockchain to Connect eSports Talents with Fans via Personalized Talent Tokens

Jan 25, 2018 at 15:47 // PR
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BestMeta announces the launch of the world's first blockchain based ecosystem that enables personalities to connect with fans via Personalized Talent Tokens. Based on decentralized smart contracts, the BestMeta platform disrupts the traditional esports hierarchy, creating new ways for esports talents and fans to interact with one another directly, in a stable and sustainable ecosystem.

The BestMeta platform allows esports talents to create and offer their own Personalized Talent Tokens for fans, in exchange for exclusive offers such as unique content, VIP access to shows and merchandise. Further tokens can be earned by fans through consistent contribution and carrying out tasks set by talents within their multiple projects, providing an alternative to the purchase of traditionally mined cryptocurrencies. The acquisition of tokens will be secured by smart contracts on the blockchain, ensuring that talents deliver for their fans. This ‘trustless’ status of the blockchain protects fans and talents from financial risk. 

As the esports talent creates more content and launches multiple projects, they will generate greater support amongst their fan base, giving back to their community and adding to the brand value of their Personalized Talent Tokens. This presents a more stable and rewarding system than traditional crowdfunding sources.

Amy Yu, Managing Director of BestMeta, commented:

“International esports talents are emerging and BestMeta will become the first ever platform to empower and connect them directly with their fans, utilising the blockchain. BestMeta is born out of a passion to create a transparent, accountable and sustainable ecosystem for the esports community. For the first time ever, talents will be able to take ownership and control over their brand and content, whilst implementing a trusted relationship with fans via smart contracts.”

Esports is currently the fastest growing digital industry in the world and will be an officially recognised sport at the 2022 Asian Games. This is challenging traditional celebrity status and transforming the dynamic relationship between fans and their heroes. BestMeta will disrupt the sector by paving the way to transfer power from orthodox industry giants onto talents themselves. Through their personalized token, talents will regain financial and creative freedom and not be hindered by sponsorship deals, being able enterprise their own brand, projects and choose the rewards for their fans.

Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson, BestMeta Esports Director and veteran of the gaming world, commented:

“The esports community is one of the strongest in the world and we want to empower it to achieve great things. BestMeta will enable talents to build their brand in the way that they want without restriction, whilst building a two-way direct relationship with their fan base.”

The BestMeta token pre-sale will go live on 15 February 2018 and the public sale on 01 March 2018. 40 million Best Meta Tokens (BMT) will be issued through external exchange platforms, which will be ERC20 compatible as part of the Ethereum blockchain. BMT tokens will become the standardized cryptocurrency in the BestMeta ecosystem to purchase Personalized Talent Tokens of the biggest talents in the esports industry. The Token sale is expected to raise $22m and will be used to develop the BestMeta platform, promote new esports talents and enable them with the goal to pursue their projects through the issuing of Personalized Talent Tokens.


  • BestMeta will allow esports talents to create their own digital token for fans to purchase in exchange for exclusive involvement and engagement in their personal projects, via smart contracts
  • Esports is currently the fastest growing digital industry in the world, and will be an officially recognised sport at the 2022 Asian Games
  • Disruption within the gaming industry: transferring power from corporations to gaming talents and fans
  • Led by Toby "TobiWan" Dawson, global esports veteran
  • BestMeta Token pre-sale goes live on 15 February 2018 and the public sale on 01 March 2018, expecting to raise a total of $22m

About BestMeta

BestMeta is a blockchain based ecosystem that enables esports talents to tokenize their brand value through direct peer-to peer interaction with their fan base. It provides a platform for talents to issue branded Personalized Talent Tokens, which can be purchased by their fan base in exchange for exclusive offers.

The BestMeta token pre-sale will go live on 15 February 2018 and the public sale on 01 March 2018, issuing 40 million Best Meta Tokens (BMT). BMT tokens will be used to purchase Personalized Talent Tokens of esports talents. 

BestMeta is led by Amy Yu, founder and CEO of university esports organisation Varsity Games, and Toby "TobiWan" Dawson, global esports and play-by-play caster. 

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