Michael Morton

Tech entrepreneur Michael Morton is a blockchain investor and entrepreneur who has been closely studying the rise of Bitcoin and other digital blockchains long before the terms became media buzz words.

Michael founded Morton Bitcoin Management in 2013 and GNEISS in 2016. Morton Bitcoin Management is a niche IT investment firm that specializes in Bitcoin investing and start-ups using blockchain technologies. While GNEISS is a universal Ethereum peer-to-peer smart contract asset exchange.

As a philosophical thinker and idealist, Michael is creating a business model that will usher in a new era of free market crypto-assets, most notably the bitcoin.

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Oct 28, 2016 at 12:55
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Bitcoin's Revolutionary Power In Finance
Ever since the birth of money, economies have controlled nearly every aspect of human life. Money is power, and escaping that principle is nearly impossible unless you want to live in the wild. Honorable, civil-based economies have historically forged the backbone of the most powerful nations on Earth. Without this willing deception to believe money has value—just like any physical product or service—there would be no complex markets to foster innovation.