“Artificial Intelligence is Making Day Trading Obsolete” Research By OpenBlock Reveals

Mar 13, 2018 at 12:00 // News
Artificial intelligence is making day trading obsolete

Undeniably, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and so is trading them. Two years worth of diligent data analysis and research has shown that blockchain-based currencies have become one of the hottest source of high marginal returns, offering traders considerable returns on trading opportunities. This is affording traders the unique opportunity of positioning themselves for exponential returns. However, in their quest to to shoot for the moon, most traders wound up exposing themselves to the industry’s Achilles heel; volatility.

Spectacular Gains, Monumental Losses

The cryptocurrency market is now infamous for its rather sharp and sudden price movements. The high volatility and minimal oversight of the cryptocurrency industry has made it the perfect storm for monumental losses and spectacular gains - what was once an exciting market is now a risky endeavor due to the opaque background of various coins on offer. The ability required to profit from the market now borders on the arcane with most people unable to take advantage of a marketplace that is always open 24/7.

The Internet is rife with sources of information about cryptocurrency trading. However, none of them are free from personal bias. Trawling through both market trends and social sentiments to make the right decisions remains a tricky task at best - all the more daunting when it becomes the task of a single individual. No matter how good the trader is, they are always at risk of falling prey to emotional bias. A problem that OpenBlock automated cryptocurrency trading bot is poised to address.

Unbiased Decisions: The Artificial Intelligence Advantage

Artificial intelligence operation is based on predefined rules that cannot be influenced by the trader’s emotion. A.I. is capable of transacting billions of dollars in fractions of a second at zero emotional breakdown while applying the best risk management. It's also capable of trading 24 hours a day without human inconveniences like sleep, food, and bathroom breaks.

OpenBlock leverages all these potentials to create a truly revolutionary product for the industry through the platform’s decentralized automated trading bot. Following two years of extensive research and investment into the development of a proven trading bot, OpenBlock is now set to unleash its game changing innovation into the industry, solving the problems of day trading and provides consistent profits once and for all.

Unlocking the Potentials of Automated Cryptocurrency Trade

Unlocking the potentials of automated trade starts with OBi, OpenBlock’s automated cryptocurrency trading bot. OBi has been designed to bring trading returns to the platform’s token holders through staking. This innovative feature allows individuals from anywhere in the world to stake their tokens on the network without requiring any basic knowledge of crypto trading or staying glued in front of their systems. OBi does all the heavy lifting for its community, 24/7.

OpenBlock is built on complete and utterly transparency principles. This is why every trade will be livestreamed in realtime on www.OpenBlock.co and the official OpenBlock Youtube Channel. The platform posts daily results of trades and profits earned in order to keep the community abreast of all activities.

OBi trades dozens of crypto pairs simultaneously; up to 1200 round trips in a single 24 hour period, scanning the markets, analyzing charts and performing fundamental analysis around the clock. The first round of Presale for this revolutionary product  is currently underway. Learn more by signing up here.

Visit the Website: https://openblock.co

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