Wordlex Embodies Ideals of Decentralization in a New Ecosystem

Nov 10, 2020 at 10:31 // PR
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Wordlex introduces new ecosystem

Wordlex introduces a new business ecosystem that brings together the interests of investors, partners and customers.

The system is a universal access point to various instruments of decentralized finance, operating on audited Ethereum smart contracts. This ensures complete transparency of the processes, which means that it provides users with anonymity and absolute control over their finances.   

The ecosystem offers an opportunity to earn profit on staking and affiliate programs, as well as unique and beneficial conditions for the purchase of various goods and services from the Wordlex partners. In addition, a well-thought-out multi-level marketing program for affiliate earnings has been developed.   

Staking provides an opportunity to receive passive income for investors with different financial capabilities, offering different returns depending on the amount and duration of the delegation of cryptocurrencies, which can reach up to 1.5% per day. Applying compound interest allows you to multiply much your profits over time.  

Users can acquire various statuses, from the free Test Drive status to the Brilliant status, which allows you to withdraw up to $ 5,000 per week and receive affiliate rewards up to the 10th referral line. Each successive status increases the available amounts for the weekly withdrawal of the funds earned on staking and significantly increases the percentage of the affiliate marketing reward. Any status acquired by the user does not have a limitation period, and it can be upgraded at any time.   

The project has its own WDX DeFi token, which facilitates and accelerates interaction between community members. The token is used within the ecosystem to carry out all transactions when using all the capabilities provided by Wordlex. In total, no more than 5 billion WDX tokens will be issued.  

One of the unique things about Wordlex is the program of new car buying. Each user of the platform can pay half the cost of a car of his choice from chosen car dealership with WDX tokens, for which you just need to fill out the appropriate form in your personal account of the system.   

The Wordlex ecosystem was created by serial blockchain entrepreneur Simon Lazarev, who has launched dozens of successful projects in Europe, China and Asia, which can serve as an additional advantage, which prove the reliability of the project.   

You can find out more details about Wordlex ecosystem and all its capabilities and programs on the project  WEBSITE

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