WalletBouncer Announce Bitcoin Wallet Monitoring Service

Jun 28, 2018 at 08:38 // PR
Bitcoin wallet monitoring service

WalletBouncer a Bitcoin Wallet Monitoring Service Now Available on Apple iPhone and iPad.

WalletBouncer, a New York City-based technology startup specializing in bitcoin wallet security has released its Bitcoin wallet monitoring service.  Available as a free download from the Apple app store on iPhone and iPad platform.

What Is WalletBouncer

WalletBouncer monitors the Bitcoin network for activity against public wallet addresses, with quick notifications directly to any mobile phone, iPad, and via email. Wallet security services like walletBouncer serve as a crucial component of a comprehensive Bitcoin storage strategy.

Members use the iPhone or iPad walletBouncer app to register public addresses. Once registered WalletBouncer servers will scan the Bitcoin network for activity on those addresses, and will immediately notify its members of any activity.  Members can receive notification texts in over 200 countries. The WalletBouncer app allows for customizable notifications options.

WalletBouncer is designed from the ground up with its members’ privacy in mind.   Wallet addresses are shielded from leaks and hacks by modern cryptographic technology.  Not even WalletBouncer has access to its members’ bitcoin wallet addresses.

WalletBouncer CEO, Paul Fabozzi said:

“WalletBouncer is an excellent solution for those who wish to keep an extra eye on their cold storage wallets, as well as those who need to be notified of expected transactions to any Bitcoin address.”

WalletBouncer will save its members from the fatigue of feeling like they constantly need to check on their bitcoin wallet balances by doing this for them.

WalletBouncer is compatible with all Bitcoin wallets, and storage methods, including the new Segregated Witness bech32 (bc1) formatted addresses.

The WalletBouncer team are working hard on the further development of the app, and it is set to be released on Android, and Desktop very soon.

WalletBouncer Corp is a New York City based Blockchain Wallet Security Company.

Visit the Website:  www.walletBouncer.com.
Chat on Telegram:  https://t.me/walletBouncer
Follow on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/walletBouncer

Media Contact:
Name: Paul Fabozzi
Location: NYC, USA
Email:  info@walletBouncer.com

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