Awarding Up to 10,000 VR Hardware Bonuses To ViToken ICO Contributors

Dec 06, 2017 at 18:31 // News

The internet and advances in mobile technology are eliminating barriers to communication, especially, the concept of distance and space. At the touch of a button, you can be anywhere at anytime doing anything without moving an inch. However, this convenience rarely stretches into one of the most important human activity: shopping.

Making purchases on the internet is as intuitive as sending an email. However, shopping has always been a personal human experience. ​People ​love ​to ​​touch and feel whatever they are buying. The sense of touch, sight and smell communicates a lot of information to the buyer that most ads can't get across. This is why approximately $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise is left in online shopping carts annually. For ​bigger companies, ​this ​means ​lost ​revenue. For smaller companies, on the other hand, this is an existential threat.

Leveraging two of the most disruptive technologies; VR and the blockchain, ViMarket is set to remedy this problem through its revolutionary 3D online shopping marketplace. The London-based startup is developing an innovative solution that connects 3D developers and content creators with influencer and market sponsors for immersive, shopping experiences.

"We believe that ViMarket customers who experience the excitement of being ‘Visionaries;’ able to build accurate, photorealistic virtual scenes that represent their both their real and desired lives will want to experience their creations in VR therefore this is a fitting promotion for both the holidays and our upcoming Token sale" states Prudence McNellis, Marketing Visionary for ViMarket.

Partnership with VR heavyweights and support from a 400,000-strong developer community will enable ViMarket customers to use its proprietary ViToken (VIT) to shop online for virtual goods, in 3D, on the web or any mobile device.

Users will be able to interact with their purchases before buying through Virtual Reality (VR) devices, enabling them to see, feel, and touch from the comfort of their couches. If the product is available in real-life via a merchant sponsor, users automatically gain discounts on the purchase of the item. The platform also provides merchant sponsors with new ways to reach out to customers and unlocks the gateway to a deeper understanding of market behavior.    

In ​order to kick-start ​the ​acquisition ​of ​​virtual ​​assets ​​and ​​development ​of ​ViMarket, ​the company has announced a ​crowdsale ​of ​VITokens ​(VIT).

Furthermore, the company has announced limited and exciting bonuses for participants of their Token Generation Event (TGE), which was announced November 15, 2017 and taking place in the new year. Early contributors will be entitled to receive VR Hardware, depending on their commitment size.

The packages include: entry-level "cloud" package with "VR-EZ" mobile clip-on viewers, all the way up to the "Pro" package, featuring an all-inclusive one "Vizor' headset, Glasses Free 3D Tablet, or even gain eligibility for the next-generation "Av1ator" headset which delivers PC based VR in 1/3 the size and weight of the Oculis Rift or HTC Vive.

The hardware will be shipped via US Mail, or picked up at company exhibitions including Blockhain Expo in Silicon Valley this week upon receipt of customer purchase of Vitokens(VIT). VIT are now available at a discount prior to the Pre-Sale which has been rescheduled to January 7, 2018 in order for a new, institutional grade token sales and distribution platform to be integrated in response to the high anticipated volume of participation expected from around the globe.

For more details about this limited availability promotion, and to avoid disappointment, visit for more details and terms.

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