VersoView: Building Brands and Communities with Unique Blockchain Publish, Engage and Reward AI Solution

May 01, 2021 at 09:10 // News
VersoView is a real working solution

Today's publishing necessitates the smooth transition from print to digital PDF-based formats for media consumption on multiple mediums.

Given the level of readily available technology, this process should be a breeze, but this is not the case. There is no one solution that stands out which can offer a streamlined process for this task, which also grows brands, and rewards their communities at an affordable cost. 

Developing digital communities

Many businesses utilize the “Flip-book” DIY method which can be time-consuming, inefficient, and offers a poor user experience. With minimal audience engagement and brand voice often being lost in translation, manual digital publication methodology often forgets about the most important aspect; the community that supports it. 

VersoView: an automated digital publishing solution

VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform made to host branded DeFi ecosystems, built on blockchain, automated through patent-pending AI technology. VersoView is a real working solution fueled by its native deflationary token ($VVT) that enables seamless web, iOS, and Android print-to-digital conversion. With limitless use cases within the DeFi space, education, and business, VersoView truly is the first of its kind.

VersoView: staking and rewards with VersoRewards

VVT is the lifeblood of the VersoView ecosystem. Fueling all actions within the ecosystem, VVT is used in the making of payments and can be utilized as a staking mechanism to mint branded Social tokens. Social Tokens are used to reward communities built around publications, corporate reports, educational material, brands, and/or product stories. 


This multi-functional deflationary currency is augmented into VersoRewards; the cutting-edge token staking platform infused with the next evolution of a traditional members’ perk rewards program. As the first to offer a digital publishing option that provides a community rewards platform, VersoRewards focuses on incentivizing users to hold VVT and engage in community activity. 

With VersoRewards, the current limited and outdated digital publishing options pale by comparison. VersoView's ecosystem is well-positioned to replace many of its current competitors with its community-building and loyalty-rewarding model which benefits users while developing Brand awareness.  

Prioritizing community engagement 

Revolutionizing rewards for the publishing industry, the VVT native token of VersoView creates a new one-of-a-kind loyalty-inspiring model for users. Through the combination of VVT and Branded Social Tokens, VersoView positively encourages community engagement while providing publishers with a cost-effective, more efficient solution. 

VersoView provides an AI and blockchain solution fuelled by VVT rewards and staking. Digital publishers are rewarded with VVT via ad placement revenue, while token holders and communities on the ecosystem reap the rewards of the vast resources available within it.

VersoView utilizes the benefits of VersoRewards’ cutting-edge token staking platform alongside Branded Social tokens and VVT to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. On a platform that is equally and mutually beneficial to all parties involved, VersoView’s AI and blockchain platform provides a one-size-fits-all solution for digital publishers.

The new age of the publishing industry

VersoViews ecosystem rewards users and communities, creating an efficient level playing field for Brand building and community engagement within the publishing industry. Within the VersoRewards Pool, both advertising and subscription revenue is shared with all staking parties. 2.5% of subscription revenue and 6% of advertising revenue is split 50/50 with half for staking and half locked to increase liquidity. 

This manner of staking rewards increases the sustainability of the ecosystem while developing publisher revenue, community engagement, and subscriber loyalty through rewards. Only in the Alpha release stage, but fuelled through VVT, staking, and Brand Tokens; VersoView is already amassing corporations, brands, and publishers ready to begin their next step to a brighter future.

With the recent launch of VersoRewards VIP NFTs, there is no better time to join the ecosystem than now. To learn more about Verso Rewards, you can review them here.

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