Leading Cryptocurrency Payment Platform, UTRUST, Aligns Forces With Pundi X in Singapore

Jun 25, 2018 at 10:23 // News
UTRUST partners with Pundi X

Two of the most innovative blockchain companies, Pundi X and UTRUST, have announced a strategic alignment of vision and mission, engineered to deliver a unique solution for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. The solution will enable retailers and merchant services to integrate and physically accept cryptocurrency for goods and services offline.

Pundi X is the innovative developer behind  a blockchain-based point-of-sale (“POS”) solution device set to enable merchants accept offline cryptocurrency payments. The device, which is currently in pilot production, is slated to enter the market in the coming weeks, becoming available in Singapore, Switzerland, and Japan. The partnership agreement with UTRUST enables Pundi X to afford merchants and consumers protection on every transaction -- eliminating the uncertainty that often dogs cryptocurrency transactions.

Pundi X and UTRUST Join Forces

During the signing ceremony, CEO and co-founder of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, was quoted as saying:

“This is a major step for furthering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, which despite having taken the world by storm, still remain outside the engine room of the global economy in consumer spending.”

The terms of agreement, signed in Singapore, commits UTRUST to the acquisition of  1,000 units of Pundi X’s XPOS technology. XPOS technology is the physical, point-of-sales device enabling merchant services to accept and trade in multiple cryptocurrencies. In turn, Pundi X will leverage UTRUST’s consumer protection and liquidity services for instantaneous settlement of all exchanges and transactions.

Swiss-based UTRUST is the revolutionary mind behind the development of an enterprising purchase protection mechanism that brings mainstream transaction protection (like Paypal) to all cryptocurrency transactions, creating a stable relationship between buyer and seller.

“Partnering with UTRUST as our merchant payment settlement gateway is a substantial addition to Pundi’s XPOS and grants us a trusted provider for liquidity, but also for customer security.”

With UTRUST’s recent commitment, the number of XPOS devices for global retail has now surpassed the 25,000 mark or over one-quarter of the company’s three-year sales target of 100,000 devices.

Nuno Correia, the CEO of UTRUST offered his thoughts on the partnership:

“We see here today in Singapore a partnership of two leading blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment projects with benefits flowing to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. UTRUST has always been committed to enabling the use of fast, easy, and secure cryptocurrency payments. To partner with Pundi X and use its XPOS technology will help us immeasurably in achieving this goal.”


Swiss incorporated UTRUST is the world’s first payment processor for cryptocurrencies. The company integrates Buyer Protection and Instant Payments for a global PayPal-like payment platform supporting the emergent cryptocurrency industry.

About Pundi X

Pundi X is a multi-cryptocurrency point-of-sale (“POS”) solutions that is finally putting cryptocurrency payments in the hands of retail stores. Shop, cafes, stores, and merchant services can now accept digital payment through Pundi X POS device. Built on the success of one of Indonesia’s most popular cashless payment app, Pundi-Pundi, Pundi X has recorded over 100,000 registered users and 600 merchant partners in Jakarta in under a year of operation.  

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