Truegame Introduces Innovative New iGaming Technologies You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Feb 15, 2018 at 19:31 // PR

Truegame is the world’s first smart contract based iGaming platform to enter a Token generation event (TGE). A pre-sale begins on 26th February, with a main sale launching on 19th March

14th of February, 2018 – Throughout history people have been attracted to games of chance. Every day millions of people around the world play games of chance, take part in prize draws, spend time in poker rooms or play slot machines. However, there has always been a serious issue of trust in the iGaming industry. It was not just about the players trusting each other, but also the trust they have to put in casino managers. Players couldn’t verify the integrity of a game or a lottery and couldn’t be sure in the honesty of the organizers.

Fortunately, modern technologies successfully fixed this problem. Blockchain and smart contracts help to make games of chance absolutely transparent for the players. Smart contract is a special open source program that automatically distributes the winnings to a special open registry which, can be easily verified by any person. As soon as the program determines the winner it immediately sends the prize. Players can be sure of transparency, and the winnings depend only on fortune and mathematical probability.

Introducing the Truegame Platform

Truegame was a pioneer who integrated these technologies into the sphere of iGaming. They have developed this solution by combining iGaming philosophy and the possibilities presented by blockchain technology. One can play scratchcards, lotteries, dice and other games of chance which all are smart contract based. The platform development was started in the year 2016, and now users are already playing more than a dozen of games. Among them are prize drawings, gift boxes, dice, scratchcards, lotteries and others, the collection of which is constantly expanded.

Truegame is the only one which presents a fully working smart contract based iGaming project, with a unique scalable architecture and growth potential. The project is progressing consistently: it didn’t conduct TGE on the hype of the year 2017 but instead developed a unique product, collected a feedback, improved the platform and attracted players. It’s optimised, ready for market expansion and scaling.

Bringing the Extra Factor

Unique content is one of the key factors of the success of Truegame platform, as most casinos work on third-party “White Label” solutions which look almost identical, except for the colors. Truegame developed its own architecture, unique content and design, to make it adaptable for most mobile devices. The project does not use other people’s White Label solutions, instead it created its own strong development department.

Another competitive advantage of the platform is that it is fully integrated – its unique architecture allows to quickly implement any game based on a smart contract, to quickly add new payment systems, integrate third-party services and even to provide “White Label” iGaming solutions to other market participants.

Adaptable to Needs

The unique architecture allows to effectively switch from the Ethereum blockchain system on which the platform is currently operating, to any other, for example, to a popular Cardano network. Such a migration will not affect existing players. This flexibility allows to increase the speed of processing transactions and reduce their cost, thereby increasing the house edge.

Truegame is the first project that went beyond the players of the crypto industry and is oriented on a huge audience of classical gambling and lottery players. Truegame will be the first blockchain project to accept fiat. They have a strong development department that managed to design and develop more than a dozen of games in a relatively short time. According to the project’s Roadmap, by the end of 2018 Truegame plans to release more than 30 new games.

Truegame tokens (TGAME) have tremendous growth potential. Here are some of key growth indicators:

  • High level of project implementation
  • Small amount of funds to be raised under the token generation event
  • Unique games
  • Gambling license
  • Unique flexible architecture
  • Low cost of tokens on pre token generation event
  • Great thoughtful Roadmap
  • Specialists on traffic attraction in the team of the project
  • A strong development department
  • Top email marketing specialist in the team of the project
  • Agreements on token listing after the token generation event
  • Holders of Truegame tokens will be paid a percentage of sales
  • Truegame is the first project to receive a gaming License before the launch of a public token generation event

TGAME Token Sale

The Pre-Sale will run from 26.02.2018 — 18.03.2018 with participants contributing at least 0.2 ETH. Bonus on the first week of Pre-Sale is 40%, (1 ETH = 12,950TGAME). Bonus on the second week of Pre-Sale is 30% (1 ETH = 12,025 TGAME) Bonus on the third week of Pre-Sale is 20% (1 ETH = 11,100TGAME)

The Main Sale will run from 19.03.2018 — 30.04.2018, with a price of 1 ETH = 9,250TGAME, and a minimum buying amount of 0.1 ETH, and all unsold tokens will be burned.The TGAME token will be launched on crypto exchanges very soon after the completion of the token sale.

The team has an experienced listing specialist who successfully launched the Revain project token on the exchanges – market cap of the token amounted to about  $300,000,000 USD.

The new era of iGaming is already here!

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