Trimpo Announces Token Sale to Create A Forward E-commerce Ecosystem

May 11, 2018 at 14:07 // PR
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After successful launch of its integration platform, which allows merchants to manage their storefronts on multiple marketplaces along with other e-commerce-related services, Trimpo will hold a token pre-sale to raise investments for the next stage of the project and prepare for a token sale.

Trimpo, an e-commerce integration platform, announces its token presale, that starts on May 15. The idea behind Trimpo is the creation of a broad based e-commerce ecosystem that will connect customers, merchants and suppliers on one blockchain-based platform, providing them with the necessary tools, information and security of transactions.

Trimpo allows merchants to list their products on multiple marketplaces, manage orders in their personal account on Trimpo’s platform, and gain access to full data and analytics on sales. At present, Trimpo has over 23k users worldwide and enables merchants to sell various products on the world’s biggest marketplaces (eBay - all countries’ sites and Trimpo is continuously adding to that number, integrating both global and local marketplaces, as well as aiming to launch its own blockchain-based marketplace. Trimpo’s platform has complex architecture, offering its users a variety of services, such as 1-click integration with certain CMS (content management systems), social media websites integrator (allowing to sell on social networks), exporter system that creates price-lists for CPC/PPC networks , CRM.

Trimpo will build a blockchain-based ecosystem, that will unite customers, merchants and suppliers; and create its own marketplace, that will ensure token turnover, allow merchants to benefit from low commission, clients - from lower costs, and will continue integration with other marketplaces.

With the creation of a B2B platform on Trimpo’s Marketplace the company will offer a wide variety of services to suppliers:, the opportunity to post their product information, find merchants easily and work with them on suppliers’ own preferred conditions, making use of the safety and transparency of blockchain platform. Trimpo will also create a Big Data subsystem, with analytics on e-commerce, ranging from big trends to specific recommendations for the whole spectrum of business in online commerce. Establishment of this complex Ecosystem will help businesses grow and develop in the changing world of e-commerce and customers to benefit from lower prices and security, provided by blockchain.

Alexander Terentyev, Founder and CEO of Trimpo, commented: “We are ready to enter a new phase of our project’s development. We want to introduce our service to the world, implement all the functions we have planned for our project so far and bring to life powerful, functional and very user-friendly ecosystem Trimpo.”

Token presale will start on May 15 and continue until June 12. Main sale will start on the June 22. The funds raised will be put toward further development of Trimpo’s platform and Trimpo’s own blockchain-based marketplace.

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About Trimpo

Trimpo is an e-commerce company, which integration platform allows online stores list their products on multiple marketplaces and manage their orders from personal account on Trimpo; its built-in CRM system facilitates client support service and automated analysis system provides sales reports, helping advance store’s development.

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