Bitcoin Gaming Platform TriForce Tokens Developing Unique Blockchain Ecosystem

Oct 17, 2018 at 13:31 // PR
Pioneering UK-based Blockchain startup TriForce Tokens is disrupting the gaming market with its innovative solution of bringing gamers and developers together, cutting out the intermediary and essentially changing the whole dynamics of the industry.

TriForce Tokens, the leading decentralized gaming platform, is actively developing its own custom, gaming oriented blockchain to be deployed in 2019.

DATE Milton Keynes, UK –  Pioneering UK-based Blockchain startup  TriForce Tokens is disrupting the gaming market with its innovative solution of bringing gamers and developers together, cutting out the intermediary and essentially changing the whole dynamics of the industry. To this effect, the platform’s development team is actively working on its own blockchain system to bring more benefits to the gaming industry. 

TriForce Token Blockchain 

With the successful launch of new games and more in the pipeline, the  TriForce Tokens’ gaming platform is gaining followers, both from the game playing community and the game developers themselves. Currently, the platform is based on the Ethereum mainnet. This means that no matter how scalable, secure or fast the platform’s network design is, it still limited to that of the Ethereum one’s. 

To counter the limitations, the  TriForce Token team is actively developing their own blockchain ecosystem that is specifically being designed for gaming in mind. A few of the features that the blockchain will have include:

  • A Lisk Fork: With higher transactions per second, good security and speed, Lisk are chosen as the base blockchain and  TriForce Token Blockchain will be a fork.
  • JavaSript: One of the most commonly used coding languages, JavaScript will allow developers to easily understand the blockchain, with the opportunity to easily develop and deploy 3rd party dApps.
  • PoP and PoS: Using a unique Proof of Play and Proof of Stake hybrid consensus model, it gives the power back to the gaming community.
  • Zero Gas: With no transactional costs, any and all transactions throughout the blockchain come at no cost.
  • 3rd Party dApps: Developers can deploy their own dApps on the network, allowing more games to utilize the network.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: Apart from the regular tokens the new blockchain will use, it will also provide non fungible tokens.

The blockchain, with its development aimed at purely gaming, is in active development, with a testnet expected at the beginning of of 2019 with mainnet deployment in mid-2019. With its own blockchain,  TriForce Tokens will also release its own gaming tokens, which will be swapped with the current ERC20 Ethereum FORCE tokens through a 1:1 ratio. 

About TriForce Tokens 

Disrupting the gaming industry through blockchain, the decentralized gaming platform offers developers to connect directly with game players, creating a unique community where players can actually interact with the developers and discuss different aspects of games, such as new updates and releases. Through the direct contact of creator and consumer, the entire traditional distribution channels are eliminated, making games cheaper and having a higher retention rate. 

TriForce Tokens has already released a number of PC and mobile games, including Eximius, a combination of FPS and RTS game that pitches 5 men teams against each other for domination. 

The last phase of their token sale is in progress, with a price of USD 0.15 for 1 FORCE. The last stage carries weekly lowering bonuses, from 5 to 15 percent. 

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