Decentralized Gaming Platform TriForce Gets More Than 21,000 Sign-Ups for Raid Party App in First Week

Apr 11, 2018 at 13:02 // News
TriForce gets sign-ups for its Raid Party app

Expected to break the $1,000,000,000 barrier in 2019, the gaming industry is a highly valuable sector. The advent of the personal PC changed the gaming arena, with new games developed for the ever increasing market.

Only available in arcades, games were now increasingly being sold to individual users. The revival of gaming consoles and cheaper technology further increased the gaming industry. Today, indie game developers and VR based games are fast taking over the traditional gaming market.

TriForce, the Blockchain Gaming Platform

Aiming to become the industry standard, TriForce is a decentralized gaming marketplace that is tweaked for game developers. The platform allows peer to peer connection of developers and players, allowing game manufacturers to monetize their efforts without intermediaries such as distributors and advertising costs. By implementing their own native token, the TriForce Token, the platform gives developers a completely new way of generating revenues, retain players and counter piracy.

A unique reward mechanism allows gamers to earn from in game achievements, monetizing across different platforms and games, leading to more player retention and increased hours of gameplay. This also helps game developers in earning more revenue with lesser expenditures, develop more games and learn more about player behaviour, allowing for more fine tuned updates to their games and detailed information to make future releases move with the times.

TriForce’s Raid Party App

TriForce recently opened up option for users to sign up for their Raid Party App. It is a social engagement platform that is aimed to connect the gaming community in a peer-to-peer network. Within one week of opening registrations, the platform has already seen more than 21,000 users signing up. With its unique approach on making the platform a place where not only game developers benefit, but players also enjoy the experience, monetizing upon it and interconnecting, a win win situation for all is found.

Advisors And Partners

TriForce has garnered a lot of attention with its unique and novel approach. The platform has managed to induct top advisors the gaming industry and many fruitful partnerships:

  • Danny Montaner: Former Counter Strike world champion and ex manager of Faze Clan, the largest gaming organization, he is onboard the TriForce team as an advisor, offering unique insight into game development from a player’s point of view.

  • Vadim Bulatov: Social Marketing Head at (World of Tanks, World of Planes and World of Warships fame) is also advising the platform in how to market itself on different social media platforms.

  • David Drake: Famous venture capitalist, he understood the potential TriForce has in the gaming arena and has offered his invaluable insight into crowd sourcing sector to help TriForce.

  • Ramone Toledo: President and founder of Busca Corp, the parent company of and, Latin America's largest gaming content provider is closely working with TriForce to develop their token not just as another cryptocurrency for games, but for a broader entertainment industry.

For updated information on the decentralized gaming platform, visit their website:

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