TerraGreen CEO Brad Lee Envisions To Build A Greener World Using Blockchain Technology

Jan 28, 2019 at 15:38 // PR
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These issues have given rise to profound interest and reforms by corporations and governments globally, to reduce the negative impacts they have on earth.

Global warming, climate change, pollution and depleting natural resources are the constant topics of discussions and major concerns of the world. These issues have given rise to profound interest and reforms by corporations and governments globally, to reduce the negative impacts they have on earth.

With industries all over the world using the blockchain technology for various purposes, some may be for personal benefits while others may be for innovation in technology. ICO’s are not necessarily raising money to solve the real world problems. 

Why not combine the benefits of the crypto world with a cause that is every individuals’ major concern?   

Brad Lee, has a specialized knowledge of all aspects of renewable energy and a background in research and development in power industry. His insights fostered a will to bring a revolution in the renewable energy industry, through TerraGreen.   

What is TerraGreen?   

In very simple terms,TerraGreen is a blockchain based platform, where renewable energy is traded. It is an ideal model for waste resources micro-management and generating renewable energy in the process. 

TerraGreen endeavours to make a value addition in the society, by making the world a greener and better place to live. The platform allows direct involvement of people willing to make earth a sustainable place for the future generations. 

How TerraGreen will Bring a Green Revolution? 

DAO Concept 

The key feature of TerraGreen lies in the Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) concept. The concept promotes a transparent set of rules, controlled by the public, to choose which renewable energy projects should be implemented.   

The feature would enable a direct connection with the public, breaking the barriers of centralization.

The blockchain technology, facilitates usage of the public blockchain to input transactions to the TGN Public Blockchain. The data on the blockchain cannot be altered once it has been validated on the blockchain. 

Energy Efficient TerraGreen Coin   

TGN currency, based on blockchain and smart-contracts, is an energy saving currency focusing on renewable economic system. 

The energy efficient coins derive their value from the amount of green energy the producer commits to produce and deliver to end users. 

TerraGreen coin can be used by consumers to be involved in the management of biomass waste and production of renewable energy products. In the long run, TGN coin users can avail discounts on products and services. 

TerraGreen Wallet   

A highlight in the features of the project is the TerraGreen wallet. Secure and easy transactions can be made through a combination of crypto and fiat currency. 

The amount of each transaction is transferred to the digital wallet in real-time with an option to convert it into fiat currency or store as TGN. 

The security feature of the wallet application Is based on SHA-384 algorithm, making it secure and user-friendly. The wallet feature will incentivize users for specific purposes. 

Final Words   

In the view of Brad Lee, it’s a high time that the blockchain technology is used to resolve real environmental problems rather than just make people rich or create digital applications. 

TerraGreen is the first of its kind initiative that not only acknowledges the environmental problems but also acts on them. Striving to create a greener space to live and make a contribution towards a sustainable future.   

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