New Telegram Bot For Cheap International Calls Accepting Bitcoin

Oct 12, 2016 at 09:08 // News
Nina Lyon
Making a call from USA to Italy using Callcoin Telegram bot

120 minutes, a Latvian-Canadian technology company, has developed a new a bot, called Callcoin, for the instant messaging service Telegram. Using Callcoin, people can now make cheaper international calls and pay for them using Bitcoin.

To make Telegram services more secure and anonymous, users of Callcoin don’t have to register their mobile phone number, and top-ups using Bitcoin are much more anonymous than traditional banking transfers. Moreover, a user can generate recharge codes and send them to another.

Dmitry Chuyenko, the developer of Callcoin and CEO of 120 minutes said:

“Bitcoin is no longer considered as fraud or an incomprehensible thing –the market capitalization exceeded $10 billion, it is accepted as a payment in the largest marketplaces in the network. People need to have privacy online, and they are ready to use new products in the framework of these values. Our bot, Callcoin, is a service for calls, which [also] offers an attractive solution in exchange for cryptocurrency".

The price for calls varies. For example, a call from the US to Italy will be charged only about 0.05 EUR (about $0.06 USD) per minute, while a call from Mexico to Spain will be charged 0.03 EUR per minute. 

Callcoin also allows its users to check balances, view history, check the price, take another phone number or to set their Caller ID and assign more than one number for callbacks. At the moment, the bot supports two languages ​​– English and Russian, but they plan to add more functions in the future, and to offer other non call-related financial solutions for Bitcoiners.

The project was supported by Nick Ustinov, the ex-founder of roaming applications Roamer and the largest mail service in the Baltic countries,, who is also the owner of the new translations platform

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