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Aug 20, 2018 at 15:09 // PR
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Many of you tried to trade on the exchange, but not everyone succeeded in earning money. You need to be able to cope with emotions, make technical and fundamental analysis, be patient, seek the best opportunities for entry and exit.

All these skills come with experience. But what if you have never wanted to become a professional trader? But just want to earn money, not really delving into the details. Then STEROID is exactly what you need.

What is STEROID?

This is a cloud service for automatic cryptocurrency trading. It connects to your exchange account via the API (without the right to withdraw funds, so, your funds are fully safe and none of your coins are actually stored in STEROID) and trades on your behalf. Let's see in more detail exactly how he does it.

At the moment there is 1 trading mode - when you specify all the deal parameters. Within a month the service is releasing the second mode - fully automatic. Read in the end of the article about it.

Trading Modes

Strategies testing mode

This feature will be very useful for beginners and for those who have trading ideas or strategies but don’t want to test them on real funds. In this mode, you can trade absolutely without risk of losing funds, as all the deals you make are virtual. Data from exchanges is real. This mode can be enabled in the settings, and also it can be enabled when creating a new task after you have enabled it in the settings.

Trading with advanced settings

In order to start trading you should click "New task". There are a lot of different parameters here. We will not review all of them. We just want to focus on a few most interesting features. You can read about the rest in FAQ (all the links will be in the end of the article).

Briefly about what it's all about: in the first part you choose an exchange and a pair on which you are going to trade. In the second part you choose the type and terms of buying a coin, as well as the direction, Long or Short. In the third part you set up the selling conditions. So you save a lot of time setting all deal settings beforehand.

So, let's move on to a review of functions that we particularly like.

  1. Buy after bounce up.

We bet that you were in the situation when you wanted to buy "at the bottom", put orders, bought, and the price went even lower and lower. What the service offers for this kind of situations: you set the value of the bounce from the minimum price in percent.

Let's look at an example:

Imagine that ETH = $305. You place a buy order below - for $300. In the field "Buy after bounce up" you set the value to 2. Then the following happens:

The price of ETH reaches $300 and continues to fall to $295, then $290 and stops at $285. And then grows up by 2% (reaches the price of $290.7) - there is a purchase for $290.7. In other words: while the coin is falling - there is no purchase. Coin is bought only when the rebound comes. As you know, dumps happen dramatically, strongly and unpredictably. So this is really a very useful feature.

2) Trailing stop loss.

This feature follows the price movement - in profit, in proportion to the value set by the trader until the price rolls back in the opposite direction to the open position and the deal closes. Usual trailing stop works like this. Useful feature.

But STEROID developed even more interesting option. You can also specify the percentage of profit. When this percentage is achieved, the corridor of the trailing strongly narrows and your deal will close with profit for 100%.

Let’s look at how it works on an example:

You bought the ETH for $300, the stop loss is set at -3%, the shift of stop loss  -2%, and the take profit is set to 4%. Initially, the stop loss is $291. When the price reaches $312, the stop loss moves to $305.76 (minus 2 percent of the maximum price).

In our opinion, this function is a godsend for the crypto market. You know how massive growth can be and you should earn on it. Without this function you are likely to be very emotional and not able to sell high. You know now who can do it.

3) Restart + ASK +-% purchase

What is a restart? When the deal is restarted automatically after completion either by taking profit or hitting stop loss, or in case of any condition.

ASK +-% purchase - you set the percent from the current price where you want to buy a coin. For example, 1 ETH = $300, you set this field to -5%. Then ETH will be purchased at $285, if the price goes there.

This is a strong bundle of 2 functions that makes the automatic trade bot from the deal settings. It works very well during periods of rapid growth of coins. Usually the growth is strong and pretty quick. Then the correction comes and then growth comes again. We purchase at the time of correction and sell high.

Automatic trading mode

STEROID has been developing the algorithm for more than 11 months. The algorithm analyzes a lot of different parameters that are not disclosed. It is self-learning and knows how to work in different market situations. Whether it's a drop, rise or a flat.

The profit is from 5 to 10% per month. This is in a worse case when the market falls. In a growing market profit can reach up to 20% or more per month.

The cost of this option is still a secret, but if we are not deceived, then any registered person will be able to use it for free for 14 days. Also, the first 200 users who will pay for usual subscription - will receive automatic trading mode for free for the period of subscription payment. This means, if you pay for a subscription for a period of half a year, then the automatic trading mode is available for you for half a year as well with no additional fees and commissions. Hurry up!

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