A Single Platform Offering Diverse & Numerous Utilities; Komorebi Alliance

Jun 27, 2018 at 08:35 // PR
Komorebi Alliance

INGOT Coin is pleased to announce the formation of a new alliance, Komorebi. This partnership will prove to be beneficial for all parties involved.

INGOT Coin, GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, Modern Finance Chain (MFChain), SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToRent (PTRT), Bineuro and Stella have all formed a unified front under one alliance. The group of token sales, along with GMEX, plan to establish a single platform that will allow all their communities to use their utilities simultaneously. Furthermore, plans for enabling different discounts among each one of the token sales is being discussed in order to give an edge to all participants.

GMEX have joined forces with  INGOT Coin, as well as the alliance, in order to address the current state of the competitive market and the inefficiency of the current Blockchain development.

Hirander Misra, Chairman, and CEO of GMEX Group commented:

“We are entering an era where the value of individual Blockchain enabled ecosystems combining through joint ventures will lead to a new paradigm of Token Augmenting Partnerships (TAP) creating a network effect, which will propagate to create greater value.”

The Alliance believes that by bringing together different token generation events from different industries such as health, insurance, financial services, E-commerce and real estate, and combining the different existing Utility Functions a new meaning to Utility will be created. Instead of having a couple of utility benefits from one token sale, why not have many more benefits from a unified group of ICOs working together?

INGOT Coin along with the alliance, will be providing their business expertise, the latest technology, connectivity & operational excellence to the group in order to excel. All partners in the alliance will work together to create one user-friendly and up-to-date platform providing access to their tokens and utilities.

Ahmed Khawanky, CMO of INGOT Coin stated:

“As of now, this does not exist in the Crypto markets, financial markets or in any market. Joining one TGE will provide you with innovative services, eventually, but even at this point the services are limited.”

INGOT Coin is about building an interconnected global community of trust and cooperation—the basis of which is honesty and transparency among its members. At INGOT, we believe that it is the right of all people to seize control of their lives; whether personally, socially, or financially. We are on our way in making a breakthrough in financial markets by presenting a revolutionary gateway towards an all-inclusive environment.

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