Singapore’s JCASH Social Crypto Truly Rewards All Stakeholders

Jul 13, 2018 at 10:24 // News
The Singapore-based JiojioMe app allows users for the first time to create their own ad settings.

The JCASH cryptocurrency, issued by the JiojioMe social mobile app, has shown the way to the future of advertising, with blockchain technology allowing advertisers to engage their audience, all the while benefiting everyone involved in the ecosystem, from users, to advertisers and business owners.

The Singapore-based JiojioMe app allows users for the first time to create their own ad settings by choosing to view content based on hobbies and interests, while giving feedback on their own interest to advertised products. 

What’s more is peopl can “jio” (the local Chinese dialect term for invite) friends and family to use an offer or opportunity via the app and users can earn more JCASH, while enjoying promotional discounts. 

Better Targeting, Relevant Feedback For Advertisers 

JiojioMe advertisers have unrivalled ability to tailor ad content based on user interests, resulting in more efficient targeting of audiences for services and products. Blockchain tech lets the app conduct analyses of consumer behavior, identifying spending patterns. 

Advertisers pay JCASH to users promoting ads based on Proof-of-Activity (PoA) algorithm that rewards users for each successful recommendation. PoA ensures tokens are fully utilized, meaning advertisers understand exactly what they pay for. 

Ads can also be tied in with other relevant businesses, attracting even more users from the correct audience. JiojioMe users can view more ads for more JCASH for wider viewing audiences. 

Better Awareness And More Customers For Businesses 

JiojioMe helps businesses gain more potential customers by putting their brands, products and services out there to people more likely to be interested in them. Current merchants will also benefit from customer loyalty, as constant rewards on the app are a more cost-effective way to keep customers coming back. 

Additionally, users can pay JCASH on the Jio Market for deals, vouchers or even products and services with over 600 partner retail and F&B merchants, giving true currency value for JCASH! 

Social Ads Powered By Blockchain 

While JCASH itself is a centralized digital asset used to power JiojioMe transactions in-app, the long term plan is for a transition to a fully decentralized ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. This will come into effect after the conclusion of a token sale scheduled for November 9th, 2018. 

JiojioMe will employ smart contracts and API to hash transactions to the Ethereum network, protected by its highly secure decentralized network. Consumer activities will be tracked on the blockchain, allowing for derivation of behavioral data, all this protected by data anonymization to ensure consumer privacy. 

JCASH Is More Value, True Value 

Because of its utility on Jio Market where it can be exchanged for services and goods, JCASH already has real world value, regardless of its eventual price and overall market sentiment. 

Users can earn PoA rewards just for being active and logging in daily on the JiojioMe app, sharing out deals and many other activities. 

Once the userbase grows and demand for unique offers such as promotions and vouchers increase, demand for JCASH is expected to provide even more boost to its value. 

Download the JiojioMe app now on Apple App Store and Google Play, and join over 100,000 other users to look for offers from over 600 merchants. Join today and take part in the World Cup event for a chance to win an iPhoneX. 

To learn more about JCASH, visit the website and read the whitepaper. Connect with other users on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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