Security Breach at Bitmain: Users Are Advised To Update Passwords

Aug 21, 2017 at 12:52 // News
Nina Lyon

The largest Chinese mining equipment producer and bitcoin mining pool operator – Bitmain – has warned its users about a security breach on one of its servers.

According to the  messages from Bitmain, hackers got access to one of the old servers and some user data, including encrypted passwords, email addresses and phone numbers, may have been leaked.

Bitmain message

No details about the hackers attack are reported. The message is sent to Bitmain users directly and contains only information about the fact of the hackers attack and recommendations as to the necessary steps that should be taken to ensure the security of users’ accounts. Bitmain’s team asked all users to delete their authentication data, as well as passwords on other services if they use the same passwords. 

However, according to Bitmain, an investigation was carried out and all service systems were tested, and no other vulnerabilities were detected.

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