What Does the Second Phase of Arctic Bearz Include?

Jan 19, 2022 at 13:55 // News
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Arctic Bearz protect arctic bears

Do you want to invest in an NFT that would ensure the protection of endangered animals like polar bears?

If you do, you should follow the updates of Arctic Bearz’s on its Instagram, and Twitter handle. You can even register on its Discord and wait for the founders to provide an update on when the NFT will go live for pre-sale and public sale. Arctic Bearz is one of the rarest NFTs that want to make this planet a safe place for polar bears.

With climate change, the chunks of ice on which polar bears thrive are melting down. This means they are losing their natural habitat. If this continues, you may not see polar bears in the future anymore. Arctic Bearz founders, Zakius and Carter don’t want that to happen. They want to boost the breeding system of polar bears so that it creates an ecosystem where they can live without fearing their habitat disintegrating. 

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Evolution phase 2

Zakius, Carter, and Lewis, the three heads involved in developing Arctic Bearz, divided the road map into five stages of evolution. The second stage of evolution, The Sea Ice, primarily involves the launch of this much-awaited NFT. Here are a few things about the Sea Ice that you should remember:

  • The stage will start with the founders selecting the first hundred members to invest in the Arctic Bearz NFT. These members will receive polar bear adoption kits in Phase 3. The founders also plan to extend the number of whitelisted spots to 250. If you are an active member of the Arctic Bearz community, you may have a chance to grab a whitelist spot. Twitch live stream winners will also get an opportunity to get whitelisted spots. Make sure you actively participate in the community to make your wallet whitelisted. 
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on Arctic Bearz’s Twitch channel for online streams. The social media handles of this NFT will let members know how to get involved in the community. Follow the instructions to build the best possible platform and also increase your chances of whitelisting your wallet. 
  • The founders will announce various benefits from time to time within the community. If you are not a community member, you may lose out on news and updates that can provide various benefits. 
  • You can expect to receive news about giveaways for legendary Arctic Bearz holders. There will be 8 legendary Arctic Bearz. If you are lucky enough, you may receive the legendary NFT and win attractive rewards later. 
  • The founders will finally start the early-bird pre-sale, pre-sale, and public launch of Arctic Bearz NFTs. They have still not announced the date for any of these launches, thus making people wait eagerly. 

The heads of Arctic Bearz want members to interact among themselves to build a friendly and caring community. You can become a part of the Twitch live sessions and get to know fellow members from different parts of the world. It would also increase your chances of earning whitelist spots once the pre-sale goes live. 

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