Satowallet Tokenizes to Pay Investors 40% Monthly Dividend from Trading Fees

Oct 25, 2018 at 12:39 // News
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Satowallet Tokenizes

The leading Multi-Asset Exchange, Satowallet, has moved to tokenize the company thereby offering investors 40% dividend from her exchange trading fee.

Satowallet who has been in operation since May 2017, with over 35,000 active users and big partners like Tron, Digibtye, Changelly and others, moved from being only a multi-asset wallet app to a full trading app. The Satowallet trading app available on Android, IOS, and Windows PC, has recorded several success and positive ratings, with an average daily trading volume of $5M. 

The Satowallet Exchange Token (SATOS) will serve as the asset representing the shares unit of the company. Having a strict limit of 10M maximum supply, the token is set to provide maximum profit for investors.  SATOS token is set to serve the following functions on the platform:

1. Base market for all cryptocurrency listed on Satowallet Exchange

2. SATOS is the unit for voting new assets to be listed on Satowallet Exchange.

3. SATOS will serve as payment means for Satowallet ICO platform that enables new cryptocurrency project to carry out a successful crowd funding. 

4. SATOS holders and traders will receive 40% dividend in Bitcoin, from all 0.25% trading fee profit monthly.

5. SATOS will offer zero transaction fees to holders. 

6. And in the future, SATOS will be the gas of the Satowallet Decentralize Exchange launching soon. 

Simple Statistics on Dividend Earnings

If Julian (SATOS Investors) buys 16,000 SATOS in our current Sales at a 22% discount price of $0.39. At current Satowallet daily Trading  volume of 877.9BTC, Satowallet charges a 0.25% trading fee that gives Satowallet a profit of 2.19BTC daily, and a monthly profit of 65.7BTC.

SATOS holders and traders gets 40% share of 65.7BTC monthly profit, which equal 26.28BTC. Each SATOS among the 10,000,000 Satowallet Shares Supply is entitled to 0.00000263BTC. Julian who holds 16,000 SATOS therefore is entitled to 0.04208BTC monthly plus her 16,000 SATOS.


Satowallet Shares (SATOS) is currently open for investment and users to buy on the Exchange app with some percentage discount, and start earning dividend instantly. 

Over 3000 investors have joined the SATOS sales in less than 3 weeks, which shows a great step to the token success. 

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Payment Mean: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOGE, Ripple.


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