RPGC Token: What Makes It Unique?

Jan 15, 2022 at 10:17 // News
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Based on Ethereum Solidity, it's a standard protocol for delivering cryptographic instruments to the capital markets industry and representing a transferable security instrument on a blockchain-based platform.

RPGC token will be built to be bridged with other chains, using the ERC-20 standard and created on the Ethereum network. Its key feature is the global distribution of assets, not just distribution for gaming purposes. 
It also has other distinguishing features:

  1. Users can access the payment system by using the RPGC token;
  2. It protects cryptocurrency markets from volatility by automatically converting cryptocurrency payments into traditional fiat currencies at a fixed exchange rate. However, it doesn’t exchange digital coins for fiat currency automatically, but you can store them in your wallet;
  3. The token can be used to obtain a loan, make payments between users, and receive cashback.

RPGC Tokenomics

  • Initial issue emission: 7 billion RPGC;
  • Ecosystem: 3% TGE unlock for 1st year Vesting 5-20% unlock as scheduled;
  • Seed round: 2 mln price 0.5$;
  • Strategic round: 3 mln price 0.5$;
  • Private round: 5 mln RPGC price 0.7$:
    • Lockup: 15% at the TGE, 25% quarterly, last quarter 10%;
  • Public Round: 20 million RPGC price 1$ unlock;
  • Play to earn: 70 million RPGC unlock for each game as scheduled;
  • Partners and Advisers: 70 million RPGC;
  • Team: 210 million RPGC:
    • Lockup: 5 years; 
    • Unlock: 25% yearly from 2nd year;
  • Marketing: 200 million RPGC:
    • Lockup: 1 month; 
    • Unlock: 2% per Q1 Y, 10% per Q2;
  • Games sales liquidity: 50 million RPGCs 1st year TGE: 100% of the first quarter's sales will be repurchased, 30% the second quarter, 20% the second quarter, and 10% the last quarter. This method of buying RPGC will burn it. In the second year, 30% of RPGC repurchases will be used.

By the way, RPGC Token will become available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange soon. Sounds interesting? Join and participate in PRGC’s community life! Also, don’t forget to follow the project on social media:

Website: rpgcs.io/
Telegram: t.me/redpadgamescoin
Twitter: twitter.com/redpadgamescoin
Facebook: facebook.com/redpadgamescoin

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