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Sep 04, 2018 at 15:53 // PR
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Before we begin, it is necessary to know that starting from September 1st, 2018, the ROFX Company has suspended the subscription to new Bitcoin packages as they are extremely limited in quantity, and the company is experiencing buoyancy in the demand for these packages.

However, till September 1st, 2018, these packages can be bought for USD/EUR according to the rates mentioned on ROFX website and will be serviced according to the standard contract till their expiration. To read more, please, visit the ROFX website.

The ROFX Company provides an automated trading solution for Bitcoin. People who already know about ROFX and, especially, newbie investors are quite interested to know whether they can really earn Bitcoin by making use of the automated trading services given out by the company. The area of cryptocurrency appeals to a lot of investors, and even newbie investors are curious to invest a significant amount in the field of cryptocurrency. Although, being a highly volatile market, it demands tons of experience and practice from everyone who is looking to make it big in the cryptocurrency sector, and, obviously, there are people who lack some knowledge in the area of investments. Here comes into play the automated bitcoin trading system provided by ROFX that makes the trading decisions for the trader without expecting any kind of intervention from the trader’s end. Hence, the need for a physical trader is completely out of the equation. Read ahead to know more about the fantastic service provided by ROFX.

Is the ROFX Automated Bitcoin Trading System Worth It?

ROFX provides bitcoin packages tagged as a Trial, Easy Start, Moneymaker, Gold, and VIP. An investor is able to select a package which he likes the most, but he needs to be aware of the fact that the lesser the deposit is made the more percentage is required to be paid as performance fee, thereby the share in the daily trading profit will be considerably reduced. However, the bigger an investor’s deposit is, the less percentage is required to be paid as performance fee and the investor can have a big chunk from the daily trading profit.

As an example, if you choose the Easy Start bitcoin package the trading cycle will be 70 trading days with 60% share in the daily trading profit and 40% will be levied as performance fee. Speaking about the Gold package, an investor’s deposit will indeed be bigger, but the trading cycle will be 270 trading days with 85% share in the daily trading profit and 15% will be tagged as  performance fee.

Moving further to the question of whether we can earn Bitcoin with ROFX, we, certainly, can and the profit is released daily if the day was a profitable one. Now, what will happen if the day is not a profitable one? Considering the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market it can happen that an investor doesn’t make even a single penny of profit in a day. Here comes the best part of ROFX automated bitcoin trading solution, which is not provided by any other automated trading platform. If an investor doesn’t make a profit in a day then he won’t be in any kind of loss either. This is because ROFX guarantees the safety of the investor’s deposit by covering the negative results of trading with their Reserve Fund. Thus, if anybody is considering to generate a passive income there is no other option more powerful, reliable and safe than the ROFX automated trading solution.

Conclusion - ROFX - Your Personal Automated Bitcoin Trader

The no-loss scenario provided by ROFX, combined with state-of-the-art 24/7 customer support service along with live chat, makes ROFX automated trading solution a boon for newbies and a personal assistant to take care of the things when a professional trader is not on the scene.

Moreover, ROFX provides an investor with the option to get back their invested funds at any point in time. Now, this certainly makes ROFX bitcoin bot worth trying. The bot, built on Artificial Intelligence, learns from the market trends and automatically makes amendments in its trading techniques. Personal information and data of a trader are never leaked as the very foundation of ROFX is laid on 100% confidentiality and privacy of all trader-related information. So, the answer is a big YES to the question of whether we can earn Bitcoin on ROFX. 

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