Top 4 Reasons For The Growth Of Bullswap

Oct 29, 2020 at 13:57 // News
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Bullswap model of cryptocurrency trading eliminates the conversion fee

Trading of cryptocurrencies, also referred to as decentralized exchange is on the rise amongst the crypto asset activist who engages in decentralized finance. Decentralized Exchange (DEX), involves the exchange of cryptocurrency in a decentralized model thus allowing crypto assets activists to trade amongst themselves.

This is a preferred method of crypto exchanges due to the advantages derived from it as compared to the central authority model of crypto exchange. Benefits such as, reduction of risk of theft, prevention of price manipulation as seen by the DEX model gains momentum in the crypto trade. When it comes to DEX, two main players lead the pack, i.e. Bullswap and Uniswap. 


The growth of Bullswap in the DEX model can be attributed to the following factors; 

Instant swap

Bullswap allows instant swap of BVL tokens amongst crypto assets activists, thus allowing the traders to use their digital wallet. Instant swapping allows peer- to- peer token exchange without having to deposit money to the central authority, thus saving on time during trading. The easy-to- use exchange model of Bullswap ensures anti-censorship and efficiency which is a good feature for traders hence no need to ensure on-chain liquidity. On the other hand Uniswap swap features still depend on arbitrage transactions to balance the market. 

Zero conversion fee

Bullswap model of cryptocurrency trading, eliminates the conversion fee to obtain operating profits as compared to most DeFi models. Bullswap counters the conversion fee issue by leveraging on the growth of its adoption rate of trading and the increase of it’s usage by the traders. Liquidity providers stand to earn the transaction fee generated from the pool while providing liquidity services. The ease of joining Bullswap makes it simple for anyone interested in liquidity to participate in it and earn rewards. Bullswap users stand to benefit a lot through the reward scheme as they stand to get 80% reward from any successful transaction. Rewards are paid through BVL tokens thus encouraging traders to keep trading. 

Fuel efficiency

Investors are heavily spending on DeFi programs and for that matter, the DEX model needs to be very efficient when it comes to saving thermal energy. Bullswap is very efficient in gas consumption thus a plus for its users unlike the Uniswap DeFI that has a relatively high gas price. 


Bullswap is built on blockchain technology, which guarantees her user’s credibility and integrity while using the platform. All transactions performed through Bullswap use a distributed ledger technology which is transparent and cannot be reversed by any means. Blockchain technology used in Bullswap makes the whole trading process secure. Also, users can be guaranteed of proper handling of their transactional records as the technology allows the use of several redundant servers spread across the world. 


Bullswap, has revolutionized Decentralized Exchange of cryptocurrency trading amongst users, owing to several benefits that comes with it. Regardless of other competitors in the market, it still stands out due to its secure nature of transaction, efficient gas price, awesome BVL tokens rewards scheme among others. 

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