Pro-Bitcoin Flavours Place Platform Strengthens Support to Businesses and Coffee Farmers Worldwide

Jun 05, 2017 at 17:47 // PR

Bitcoin-friendly online coffee marketplace, Flavours Place upgrades its platform to assist small coffee businesses, sellers, farmers, and roasters worldwide.

June 2, 2017, Kowloon, Hong Kong –  Flavours Place, the online marketplace selling a wide variety of coffee and tea collections otherwise unavailable in the market has made few changes to its platform. The Hong Kong-based company has recently branched out into specialty coffee, offering additional support to green coffee suppliers by facilitating Bitcoin purchases and sale of used coffee equipment. Coffee and tea loving Bitcoin users can buy their favorite product on Flavours Place online marketplace while supporting local farmers across the globe.

A socially minded business, Flavours Place is driven by a purpose to help coffee bean farmers and traders get their produce directly into the marketplace. While a majority of farmers are still reliant on wholesale distribution channels and established supply chains, they lose a significant portion of their profits on commissions to intermediaries tasked to get the product into the market. Flavours Place strives to offer producers fairer return for their products, rewarding the hard work with a more efficient business model.

Since the launch, Flavours Place has  expanded its product range to include rare cocoa and spices, in addition to specialty coffee and teas. The company has publicly welcomed new importers who are winning to deal directly with farmers, small batch roasters and like-minded businesses that share similar social ideals. The company has also recently started inviting farmers and small batch coffee roasters to sell on the platform.

Flavours Place is now focusing more heavily on specialty coffee, and it is encouraging the sale of green coffee beans for home coffee roasters and small coffee shops. The company recently made changes to its marketplace strategy to allow the sale of all kinds of used coffee equipment, to make its offering attractive not only to end customers, but to owners of small cafes, coffee shops, and small coffee roasters. Flavours Place openly supports Bitcoin and currently allows registration of only those vendors who accept digital currency payments. This way, it aims to help promote the use of cryptocurrency within the platform and among its members directly. In addition to Bitcoin through Coinbase, Flavours Place accepts both USD, EUR and PayPal payments.

All coffee and tea sellers on the platform are encouraged to sell directly to the customer, retailer or small batch roaster. Flavours Place has stated that anyone who sells coffee or tea related products of any kind are welcome to open a free account and begin selling their products immediately. The company prides itself of “Fair Trade” produce, as it offers all the workers involved with the process a fair return for their product or service.

By providing an online trading platform for small-scale producers,  Flavours Place supports direct trade between the buyers and vendors, enables coffee farmers to get a better price for their coffee beans. Flavours Place aims to provide the very best quality, fair trade, and organic products, directly from the producers to coffee and tea-loving Bitcoin users across the globe.

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