PrimeBall: the New Crypto Raffle that Brings True Fairness and Transparency

May 14, 2018 at 08:02 // News
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PrimeBall brings true fairness

Introducing the first lottery-type game that uses fundamental principles of the mathematics instead of randomizers, to ensure that nothing but pure luck matters.

PrimeBall Team

Mr. George Xop, the creator of the game assembled a team of millennial enthusiast passionate about blockchain. They believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the future that is happening now, and see all the benefits as an opportunity to improve the world they know, turning it into the transparent and fair community.

With those beliefs they built PrimeBall, the first ever raffle that uses objective and unpredictable factors to determine the outcome. Mr. Xop calls this “Magic of mathematics” - and rightfully so. This is a very good approach that is dictated by fundamentals of mathematics and that will definitely make many of the players rich!                                      

PrimeBall Difference

Lotteries are often thought to be impossible to win. PrimeBall has every intention to change that perception. For starters, they have winners in every round. If someone hits Jackpot – there is only one winner. However, if no one was lucky to win the Jackpot in the given round – there will be a minimum of three winners. On top of that, because of the automation through Smart-contract, the outcome of the draw dynamically changes as the round progresses which makes the result completely unpredictable - just like pure luck should be. Utilization of Smart-contract allows PrimeBall to achieve two important goals: eliminate “human factor” from the process and make the administration of this amazing raffle very cost-effective: since the raffle is automated, Mr. Xop only needs a handful of people to operate the PrimeBall project.

This also allowed increasing prize pool because house edge is kept to the minimum, and even that is linked to the winners. House doesn’t get anything unless there are winners in the round. Modest 5% on average is given to the marketing team that helps to spread the word. That alone would have made PrimeBall the most generous game out there, but benefits do not end here.

More Reasons to Play PrimeBall with Friends

PrimeBall affiliate structure provides opportunity to earn Ether on referrals. Anyone (not necessarily a gambler him/herself) can create an account and get a referral link to share with friends and social media followers. When players use the link to play PrimeBall affiliate gets part of their wins as bonus payouts. Simple! But it actually gets far better: even if the player doesn’t win – affiliate still gets a bonus. After each round 2% of the pool remainder going to the Jackpot is divided among affiliates whose referral link players did not win.

A Final Note

PrimeBall isn’t just worth giving a try - it is actually the only game really worth playing because it offers lowest house edge, ease of participation, fun features, and is truly based on nothing but pure luck. Make sure it’s your lucky day with PrimeBall today!

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