Transparent Crypto Platform that Allows Every User to Make Their Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

Apr 26, 2018 at 10:22 // News
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Stoxum to revolutionize cryptocurrency market

A hybrid system adopting the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges – Stoxum – aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market and launches its first private pre-sale of its token on April 30.

This is one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms that will offer a quick technical solution for organizing its customers and an option to make their own cryptocurrency exchange or the introduction of software for working with cryptocurrency on their own sites.

According to the Stoxum whitepaper, all Whitelabel projects will be located in the same ecosystem and have a single liquidity base, which will allow from the first day of operation to give users access to all active orders within the ecosystem. The success of even a single Whitelabel platform will increase the income of the entire ecosystem.

Moreover, the owner of Whitelabel will be able to independently register his service and obtain all the necessary licenses to carry out legitimate activities - for this purpose, a verification system within the AML / KYC policy is available in the functional.

The Stoxum team, who have decided to keep their real names anonymous, stated in the project presentation:

“We decided to give each user the opportunity to run and configure trading bots in just a few clicks. Bots support a flexible system of bidding settings, and also have the ability to install a stop loss / take profit algorithm.”

Stoxum cryptocurrency exchange will have top-5 cryptocurrencies available for trading at the start, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

Getting Profit from the Transparent Open Source Platform

Stoxum will offer a special dividend system where each token holder gets the right to receive income in the form of dividends, which will be proportional to the amount of ownership, relative to the current emission. The system promises to be 100% fair and each holder will get rights to access all financial statistics of the platform.

Stoxum team said:

“We believe that a system in which each holder of a token is not only interested in earning revenue from dividends or increasing the value of a token but actually has the ability to independently influence the value of a coin is win-win.”

For early investors in the Stoxum token, there is a special bonus of up to 30% within the closed pre-sale form April 30 to May 5.

All the code can be viewed on and all the basic functionality will be developed by the Stoxum team. A beta-test of the platform is scheduled to begin on August 20. As the platform develops, each third-party developer is invited to contribute to the functional part of the project.

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