Get Ready to Join a $2 Million Trading Arena

Mar 22, 2021 at 09:58 // PR
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Get ready to join a $2 million trading arena

Get ready to join a $2 million trading arena

On March 10th, Phemex reignited the best cryptocurrency trading competition - Trader's Arena. 

Those willing to participate can register until March 24.  

And hear us out. The more traders enter the game, the greater the total prize pool will be. And if players succeed in gathering a total of 18,000 soldiers in the Arena, then we’ll talk about no less than 2 million dollars! 

So how can you join the Arena?

First of all, it’s worth noting that this trading competition is made for teams. You can win individual rewards, but you can’t play without a crew

To register, you only need two things - a Bitcoin trading account with a minimum of 0.005 BTC net value and a Phemex account.

After you pass this step, join one of the trading teams available or create your own. But take into consideration that each crew needs at least 10 members

On March 24, you need to be ready because it marks the start of the trading battle, which will last until April 7. 

At the moment, over 3725 people joined the Phemex Trader’s Arena, putting the prize pool at 3 BTC.

The better you trade, the bigger is your chance to find your team in the top 10 on April 13 and get valuable prizes. 

Top 10 rewards

After the contest is over, the total prize pool (TPZ) will be divided between the top 10 individual competitors and the top 10 teams, the main focus being the partnership:

1. 22% of the total prize is dedicated to individual rewards
  • 1st place - 8% of TPZ;

  • 2nd place - 5% of TPZ;

  • 3rd place - 2% of TPZ;

  • 4-10 places - 7% of TPZ distributed equally.

2. 78% of the total prize is dedicated to team rewards 

  • 1st place - 25% of TPZ;

  • 2nd place - 15% of TPZ;

  • 3rd place - 8% of TPZ;

  • 4-10 places - 30% of TPZ distributed equally.

What are the rules?

The team behind the contest wanted to make sure that there’s no place for fraud, so they established the following rules:

  • No multiple accounts;

  • No reverse transactions;

  • No market manipulation;

  • No API trading.

Anybody who violates the rules will be disqualified. 

It’s game on!

Now that you know what is Trader’s Arena about don’t waste any more time and join the contest! 

And don’t forget - the more friends you get in your team, the greater are the chances to reach the $2 million total prize pool.

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