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Nov 20, 2018 at 13:17 // News
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Their ranks include Steve Woo, ex-CEO of Linux International, who specialized in IT development for the past 20 years.

In July  2017, a group of world class trading engine embarked on creating a cryptocurrency exchange that would serve the needs of amateur and professional traders. Their ranks include Steve Woo, ex-CEO of Linux International, who specialized in IT development for the past 20 years.  Their hard work gave birth to ProBit Exchange - a new C-to-C crypto exchange that can match orders of up to 1.5m transactions per second. This is better than even Visa, who has a transaction speed of only 24,000 transactions per second.

Making Security Sexy Again   

The ProBit team believes that security must be one of the key features of the exchange. ProBit exchange will offer a wide array of options for traders to secure their digital assets so they can feel safe to store and trade assets on the exchange.   

To ensure the highest level of security for funds on the ProBit platform several approaches are used. First, ProBit stores 95% of digital assets in cold wallet which makes it unreachable for thieves. Second, all private information of the user and wallet private keys are encrypted several times.   

What sets the exchange apart is that it is the only one so far that openly supports FIDO U2F hardware security keys. This is a physical token that can be used to authenticate the user as a 2 factor authentication method, which means that a user no longer requires Google Authenticator and is more safe in doing so too.   

Other features of ProBit exchange include customizable UI for both amateur and professional traders and a public API for API traders. Furthermore, there are grand plans to offer IEO and ICO platform on ProBit Exchange.   

Customizable User Interface for Amateurs and Professionals   

Most of cryptocurrency exchanges have the same layout with the annoying blinking of information and the lack of user-friendly approach.  ProBit Exchange introduced its modular dashboard that unlike any other cryptocurrency exchange will be able to support full customization. The dashboard can be built to the preference of each trader with only the most relevant and prevalent information for the trader. The customizable UI platform for trading is already available as a demo -   

We have tried it ourselves. Indeed, it was pretty pleasing to use. The demo will be available for users until 30 Nov 2018, where the exchange will be launched to the public.   

Cryptocurrency exchanges make money in both bull and bear markets; when users buy and sell. Users will trade only when the spread between bid and ask is very low, and the processing speed is fast such that the price is locked in. ProBit exchange ensures this with their superior matching engine is one of the fastest in the field and it can handle more than 1,500,000 transactions per second.   

ProBit will support 5 coins as base currencies at the start: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, EOS and ProBit Token (PROB). ProBit platform plans to have more than 150 cryptocurrencies and several hundred trading pairs in the launch window.   

ProBit Exchange roadmap includes fiat transfer availability and an IEO, ICO platform. Exciting developments are abound.   

Register Now   

The price of the ProBit token is expected to rise, leading to long-term sustainability and profitability for both the exchange & investors. To maximize your potential earnings, we advise you to grab the opportunity and invest on ProBit tokens as early as now!   

PROB is currently holding a Pre-Sale event from November 5 to November 28 wherein ProBit tokens will be available for purchase at a 10% bonus to those who have completed the registration in the ProBit website.   

Hurry up and participate in the pre-sale event by signing up at To try a demo of the interface, please visit Please feel free to ask questions and leave your comments below!   

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ProBit Token (PROB) Pre-Sale   

ProBit is holding a Pre-Sale Event of ProBit Tokens (PROB) from November 5 to 28, Main Sale will be from 30 Nov to 30 Dec 2018. ProBit Tokens are available at a 10% bonus during this period. PROB tokens are never used for bounty and marketing services. 20% of ProBit Exchange profits will be used to buyback PROB tokens.   

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