New Age of P2P Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange and the Reverse with Streamity

Jan 07, 2018 at 07:43 // News
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Streamity, a P2P platform that allows a faster low fee exchanges of all the major cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice versa. Streamity deploys a smart contract run system to achieve absolute transaction security. The platform promises a new approach to cryptocurrency exchanges to fiat currencies by incorporating an industry standard smart contract powered security feature. Streamity design ensures a secure, user friendly P2P cryptocurrency exchange design to suit current and future user demands.

Streamity will change the way everybody around the world interacts with cryptocurrencies by simplifying conversions of cryptocurrencies to fiat money and vice versa. The platform has developed a fast and secured transaction channel which significantly reduces the transaction time to just a few minutes. To ensure system security and protect its users from fraud Streamity implements a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies.

The platform has its own STM tokens that will be used to do all transactions on the system at very low commissions. Users can use any fiat currency locally available to buy the STM tokens valued at $0.2 tokens currently. The platform is designed in such a way that it’s smart contract features are unlocked by the signals from the payment system.

The current P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms like LocalBitcoins, Paxful and Bitsquare have a lot of undesirable functionalities. Localbitcoin charges very high fees which makes it unrealistic to carry out transaction on it and deals only with Bitcoin. Paxful requires concentrate only in USA. Bitsquare is complicated for the average cryptocurrency users.

Streamity traders will use native STM tokens to carry out all transactions on the platform. Streamity promises very low commissions as a system maintenance fee. Traders can buy and sell all the major cryptocurrencies on the Streamity platform with any locally available fiat currency.

StreamDesk is the Streamity main cryptocurrency exchange hub. Streamdesk will enable the exchange of all major cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies without intermediaries, under smart contracts. StreamDesk will also enable mutual cryptocurrencies exchanges, with the highest level of security and efficacy. Most cryptocurrencies available in the market will be added to Streamdesk.

All Streamity services will be made available in a smartphone app that will be downloaded free of charge from the major smartphone apps markets. A pre-ICO is planned for 22 January 2018 at 12 pm Moscow Time UTC-8 and end on 28 January at 12 pm Moscow time UTC-8. Where about $2.8 million is expected to be raised from the sales of 20 million STM tokens.

The Streamity team consists of some of the world’s finest business developers, experienced financial experts and software engineers with a broad background in blockchain development and cryptocurrency security.

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