MDL Talent Hub Set to Disrupt Talent Marketing With New Platform

Jan 04, 2018 at 10:00 // News
MDL Talent Hub

Finding and working with talent in the entertainment industry can not only be challenging, but also downright daunting. The success of any event hinges on these talents and their abilities to deliver as expected. These events tend to require enormous amount of resources designed to push forward a product or an idea and needs through the talent - performing at their absolute best. However, this is easier said than  done especially in an industry notorious for its opacity and underhand tactics.

More often than not, talents are misused, unappreciated, cheated, and uncared for. In turn, this has made talents self-serving and self-centered, creating a costly and challenging environment when it comes to establishing meaningful cooperation with professional talent. These problems can easily be eliminated by a transparent and auditable system that directly connects talents to projects and vice versa. This system should also be able to consolidate all channels and able users trace talent reputation before engaging them. This system is MDL blockchain powered platform for talent sourcing.

MDL – Mine Distributed Ledger

The entertainment talent industry is worth about $2.3 trillion dollar annually. Most of the talents involved in this industry prefer to work freelance, preferring to call their own shots rather than being tied down to a particular entity. While this has greatly increased the upward mobility and momentum of the industry, it has also made it difficult for the industry to establish trust. MDL Talent Hub addresses this problem by leveraging blockchain technology and Persistent Immutable Data Storage (PIDS) to create a trustchain for the industry.

Blockchain and PIDS are facilitating a paradigm shift from the traditional way of recording and storing information. These technologies enable users to store data on multiple devices all over the world instead of the traditional, centralized servers, which are vulnerable to attack.

MDL Talent Hub’s utilization of PIDS will allow information to be stored in a distributed manner on users’ devices and miners, decentralizing access, improving speed, and securing information recorded. Community engagement will be rewarded through the distribution of MDL token bounty for the storage of information about talents, events, and so on on the network through users devices.

One of the most important aspects of MDL is the creation of jobs that give meaning to participants’ lives and the facilitation of a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform that enables them to utilize their abilities on a secure and transparent network. The platform will have a prosumer ecosystem marketplace and micro-KOL partnership programs to raise revenue.


In preparation for its Initial Token Offer - ITO - MDL plans to raise CA $500.000 to facilitate the launch of its ITO campaign in March 2018. The funds realized from the ITO - hard capped at CA $20 million - will be for the development of the platform, implementation of storage mechanism, marketing and communications, R&D, and scaling.

To participate in the ongoing Pre-ITO sale, participants need to create a Waves Wallet address on the web or mobile platform. 50% of the total amount of Tokens will be distributed at $0.01 per token. This distribution period will last four weeks. ITO will be in March where token price will be 5x.

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