MDL Talent Hub Achieves Half-Million Dollar Pre-Sale Target

Feb 05, 2018 at 11:50 // News
MDL Talent Hub achieves pre-sale target

Talent sourcing innovator MDL Talent Hub has released an announcement confirming that its presale received the maximum fundraising total of $500,000 USD, putting them firmly on track for the general initial token offering (ITO) scheduled for March 10th, 2018, which has a hard cap limit of $20 million.

The intense interest received during the pre-sale is seen as a sign of confidence from industry participants keen to see the launch of a world’s-first decentralized trustchain for the talent sourcing sector. The general ITO next month will seek for a maximum of $20 million USD in capital for the technological development of the MDL platform and upstream implementation of blockchain and Persistent Immutable Data Storage (PIDS) technologies such as the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). A full achievement of this target will also allow for research and development, cross-border scaling and development of the business entity.

Bringing Blockchain Benefits to a Challenging Market

Recognizing the challenges of traditional talent sourcing, the primary objectives of MDL Talent Hub will be to introduce a new era of talent sourcing, making it synonymous with efficiency and transparency. With market participants so diverse, from dancers and performers to models and actors, the supply and demand channels that currently exist are fragmented and unclear, making it difficult for talents as well as employers to identify the right fit.

Through a consolidation of these channels, together with a reputation-based scoring system for each user that is permanently stored and irrevocable, talents and employers can access a comprehensive range of tools to browse and locate for events and available talents, while utilizing convenient and standardized presentation tools to market their services against a traceable reputation score to verify and validate relevance.

The platform plans to incorporate a decentralized marketplace where models, actors and other talents can rent out their equipment to others, or exchange, buy and sell other hardware and services. These will later include micro-KOL partnership programs to align talent interest with brand marketing, as talents advertise relevant services and products. This will leverage the reach and trust established with high-reputation talents, refined with meta-data mining via Skyledger CXO protocol.

Enabling all these interactions and transactions will be the native currency of the MDL platform: MDL token.

MDL Tokens as a Long-Term Digital Asset Investment

The talent sourcing market is one that is continuously growing, with a rate that is set to spike exponentially should MDL Talent Hub’s expansion succeed. This exposure will translate into increased recognition of MDL token, encouraging adoption and use, and naturally, a steady appreciation of its intrinsic value.

Once the market is saturated, MDL will work to implement more functionalities for MDL tokens, starting with a marketplace ecosystem, brand partnerships and live streaming.

Further value-added features for MDL token holders will be loyalty and recognition programs such as a planned “Gold Membership” arrangement that will be based via Token Hours, with the longest holders and the largest holders accumulating more Token Hours. This will incentivize participants to hold more MDL tokens to access premium features more efficiently on the MDL platform.

MDL token’s current partnerships already include the significant communities of Skyledger and YOYOW, a global-scale social media blockchain infrastructure development project based in Shanghai.

To learn more about MDL Talent Hub, visit its website or view their video presentation. To connect with the team, join the Telegram channel or visit their Facebook page.


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