Bitcoin super-team creates MASS NETWORK—a Blockchain-based solution to online-advertising inequity

Aug 29, 2016 at 13:50 // PR

Consumer disaffection with irrelevant and obtrusive ads has resulted in the rapid growth of ad-blocker adoption.This fact is making data-tracking nearly useless and threatens the entire online advertising business model as a result.

The industry’s current solution is an arms race of anti-blockers versus anti-anti-blockers and in somes cases alliances with the ad-blockers, themselves. This inefficient counter-productivity inevitably leads to a dead-end.

To solve this problem, ad industry and Blockchain experts have combined efforts to create The Mass Network—a Blockchain-based solution aimed at fixing the imbalance of power between the online advertising industry and internet users who unwittingly provide the ad machine its revenue source: data. Mass users benefit from contributions by Colu (assets protocol), Mycelium (wallet component), and ShapeShift (integrated exchange).

The Massproposition is to substitute mutually beneficial, proactive commerce for this wasteful battle by creating a Blockchain-based marketplace for consumers, webmasters, and data management platforms. Here, the industry pays a fair, market-determined rate to users for their data and attention. This voluntarily provided user information exchanged for compensation presents truly valuable data to the industry when compared to the current ill-gotten and often misinterpreted data harvested at present.

Mass paves a way to the monetization of our everyday online experience while improving consumers’ attitudes toward brands, publishers and making advertising more efficient to the benefit of all parties involved. In a world where people's lives are becoming more and more digitized Massprovides a safeguard from exploitation by improving access, integrity, and trust. 

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