The Long-Awaited Revolution in the International Medical Record-Keeping System

Dec 03, 2018 at 14:32 // News
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One of them is the lack of crystal-clear medical data and the patients’ fragmented records.

Never has change been more necessary in the healthcare, without a doubt. Nowadays, there are several worrying challenges affecting the sector in general. One of them is the lack of crystal-clear medical data and the patients’ fragmented records.

Even though all the public hospitals, practitioners, and private clinics are adopting various electronic records systems, they are not able to give each one a complete visibility into each patient’s health record or treatment history.    

Healthcare IT News refers to this issue as “a lack of ‘interoperability’ by industry insiders”. 

Luckily, the innovative blockchain recently came off as the most doable solution to this problem. And here is how this technology would help. 

To start, if all the medical data related to the patients (including past and current condition, treatments, and family history of medical problems) is being eventually stocked in the blockchain, that will make every record accessible, movable and permanent. In this line of thinking, all the medical records will be prevented from being lost or changed. 

Moreover, the application of the distributed ledger technology in the international medical record-keeping process will phase out the additional administrative units, thus markedly reducing the costs of present intermediaries used for healthcare information exchange.

But the essential is that combining these fragmented systems will let us achieve deeper insights and better evaluate the value of care being provided to each patient. 

Here, the higher level of transparency and full access in the medical record-keeping system worldwide would surely provide a better access to high-quality medical service. In the traditional non-decentralized system there are lots of complications, such as bureaucracy, wasteful medical insurance, and distance to name a few.  

The good part is that there are already a couple of innovative start-ups built by serial entrepreneurs and hi-tech trendsetters that are focusing on improving the electronic medical records in general. The first one that comes to our mind, though, is CURES Token which empowers the patients not just by giving them a complete control over their data enabling remote consultations and, in this way, reducing waiting lists and number of visits, but allowing them to monetize their own data by selling access to it for different medical and statistical researches. 

The project has been gaining serious support all around the globe – not only due to their innovative approach towards the management of the sensitive medical data of patients, but also because of the ‘do-good’ notion that stands behind the whole project. What we are speaking about is the Charitable Trust Fund they have included in their ecosystem, aimed at helping regions in need. More about this, as well as the rest key elements of the project itself, have been covered by two of the founders of CURES Token, David Bonev and Stefan Krastev, on Bloomberg TV: 

As a conclusion, it is crucial to keep in mind that Blockchain’s potential for re-shaping the hulking healthcare industry depends on whether public hospitals, private clinics, and other organizations in the sector are willing to initially help create the technical infrastructure required. We are about to see what awaits the healthcare at the corner. 

Meanwhile, you can follow the progress of this revolutionary global healthcare ecosystem by joining their community on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, BitcoinTalk. More information about the project can be also found on their website where everyone can contribute to its development and claim a bonus of up to 25%. Not to mention that they are also giving out free tokens through various simple but fun initiatives.   

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