Lisbon Hosts the First ABC Summit in Portugal in September 2018

May 06, 2018 at 04:47 // PR
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Lisbon hosts ABC Summit

The ABC Summit is dedicated to the Blockchain technologies as well as emerging cryptographic solutions that have demonstrated the capacity to help individuals, governments, and businesses.

It is the apex of the technological evolution that have heralded deep-seated and radical shift at all levels of social-economic, financial and political levels.

Startups Pre-Screening, Crowdfunding and Potential for Investors

The ABC (Asset Based Crypto) Summit will be an ideal platform for enterprises to showcase their start-ups from various niches that have one thing in common; their projects are supported by value-added concepts or by assets.

By employing this evaluation, the organisation scrutinized the nature of companies as well as their operational models, if they are looking to crowdfund via issuance and sale of own cryptocurrencies –Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

This type of pre-selection is very important in helping investors look with extra confidence at all projects to be presented at the event. It is very crucial at a time when the crypto markethas been experiencing extreme volatility and making even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to suffer from huge price swings.

The ABC Summit has Much More to Participants   

It will have info and debate panels where crypto experts on crypto algorithms, distributed consensus solutions, and shifting focus on blockchains such as DLT or EOS as well as Artificial Intelligence will give out their accounts. Besides, the experts will also provide blockchain insights into impacts on the economy, finance, and other areas.

Blockchain is an emerging technology on the internet that helps to streamline and make complex processes such as financial transactions and even elections inviolable.

Using advanced smart contracts that define the rules of operating online, every action on the blockchain comes with a decentralised, but shared registry that is validated in chain at different levels.

The blockchain has a huge potential of becoming the next big thing as the mainstream infrastructure for commerce and communication while introducing simultaneously new freedoms as well as enhanced interoperability.

The ABC Summit will take place at Estoril Casino’s “Salão Preto e Prata” in September 2018 (Attendee: 49 euros-199 euros/ Exhibitor: further information: www.abcsummit.

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