LH-Crypto Buys Back Investors’ Tokens at a Double!

Jan 22, 2018 at 10:58 // News
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LH-Crypto buys back investors’ tokens

All investors that have contributed to LH-Crypto ICO are able to get their investment return before the end of the ICO itself. This unprecedented step was taken by project’s management as they announced a buyback of 10% of their LHCoin tokens at a double price.

The LH-Crypto ICO project that was launched in November 2017 has shown impressive results and raised over 8 million US dollars. Investors from all over the world have expressed their keen interest in Larson&Holz and its plans to create the world’s first ever fully functional crypto broker to have 100% of transactions, deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies. Token sales will continue until the end of January, and judging from the current tempo the company will see even more investments flow in. The LHCoin token has already demonstrated growth, more than doubling since its inception, and today the company announced the launch of the buyback program. One of the top managers at LH-Crypto, Alexandr Smirnoff, spoke to us about that.

-Mr. Smirnoff, you decided to launch a token buyback from some investors at a double price and that’s while the ICO is still on. Why did the company make such a decision?

- That’s right, our WP does not oblige the company to buy back its tokens. But our management has suddenly decided to make a gesture of goodwill and buy back 10% of the entire token emission at a double price. Yes, while the ICO is still running. As you know, in the very beginning of the ICO, clients of Larson&Holz, a famous forex broker that launched the LH-Crypto project, invested over 1.42 million US dollars, the fact that’s been discussed in the media. At the time, token price was at just $0.1, and today it’s already $0.2025 and rising. The Larson&Holz clients we were talking about earlier came forth with a suggestion for the company to buy back every second token from the ones sold during the Pre-ICO, ahead of LHCoin entering exchanges.

Larson&Holz made an unprecedented decision to buy back a share of tokens at the current, increased price from the clients of its parent company who have previously invested in the project.

- So Larson&Holz traders will be able to see a return on their investment in the project already 10 days before the ICO ends?

- And profit from that too!

- How will the buyback go?

- On January 21 precisely half of the tokens purchased by active Larson&Holz clients during the Pre-ICO will be taken from their dashboards and converted into US dollars that are then deposited into their trading account balances. Then, investors are free to choose what to do with that money: either trade on the exchange or withdraw without any limitations. That means LH-Crypto buys back 7,100,000 tokens, roughly 10% of the total emission. If our ICO investors continue to demonstrate interest in LHCoin and the remaining tokens will be sold out, the company will gladly put the bought back tokens out on the market for new investors to buy. Everyone can join the LH-Crypto project even during the last days of the crowdfunding campaign.

If not all of the remaining tokens are sold out, Larson&Holz will destroy the bought back ones until the very last one, reducing the total supply by 10%. From the law of supply and demand, this will lead to appreciation of the LHCoin token.

Obviously, in either scenario, the token buyback event will positively affect the existing LH-Crypto investors and will keep on bringing that positive effect well into the future up to the point where the LHCoin enters global exchanges.

- Although at this stage the buyback only covers Larson&Holz clients?

- As it stands – yes, and thus we want to demonstrate how confident we are in our project’s success and express our gratitude towards Larson&Holz clients. The rest of the crowdsale campaign participants can sell their tokens as the standard procedure prescribes, on cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as in February.

- Which exchanges are we talking about here?

- We’re in the process of negotiating listings with all the major exchanges, and I would like to remind you that our company is a broker – and we have enough experience working with such organizations. Our token – the LHCoin (or #LHC) – is a product token, sort of an internal payment unit of the company that the client can use to receive services on special, premium terms. Our main product and service – is the access to internet trading for retail clients who use credit leveraging, because LH-Crypto is a cryptobroker project that allows its clients to trade forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies through on top of other things, margin trading.

- How do you assess LH-Crypto performance so far?

- Extraordinary! We have just finished a roadshow through Milan, Lugano, Zurich, Geneva and Monaco. I want to point out that investors’ interest in the project is unrelenting, to say the least. They are always looking to learn more and are ready to support our project by investing. Right now the ICO is looking great and I think that by the time it ends on January 31 we’ll manage to raise $10 000 000 and pass our Hard Cap.

I expect to see us get closer to that goal with the help of iFIXExpo running in Hong Kong through 23 to 25 January. We’ll be happy to meet you there and answer any and all of your questions during the expo.

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