Lescoin ICO: The Huge Project In Russia's Free Investment Zone

Sep 18, 2017 at 15:40 // News
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Great news for crypto-investors comes from Russia: the country creates a free investment zone in the Far East region. The first project there expands the boundaries of the crypto-market – Russians are ready to trade wood and timber for crypto-currencies. DAO Lescoin is at the pre-ICO stage right now and here are 5 reasons why you need to check it out.

1. The Lescoin token is secured by wood stock

The deal is simple. 1 Lescoin =1 cubic meter of wood.

After the ICO, the Lescoin owners can either get the wood or receive the dividends from selling it to China. Is it profitable? Yes. Early investors can get up to 400% profit in 6 months. There is also no minimum limit for participants in the pre-ICO.

2. From Russia with love – 100% bonus until September, 25

100% bonus in the real sector? Nice Russians! Well, there is a clear business logic behind the deal.

“We calculated that 100% bonuses for early investors cost us $1.5 million. We would pay more in a land lease fee for those 50.000 hectares of land that we have pre-booked. So, we are ready to give high bonuses in order to finish the fund-raising in time”, said project founder Ivan Gridin.

3. A solid industrial project with predictable profits

Tired of startups? Here is a real offer. Lescoin is backed by a group of Russian timber companies. They expand the production into an area at the border with China and Japan, the main importers of Russian wood. This is an established business in the real sector with predictable profits.

The White Paper here is very precise. The founders not only calculated all costs and revenues, but give you three scenarios depending on how much is raised in the ICO. If you don't like the industry, then just check their WP to learn how a good business proposal should be written.


4. Chinese investors line up to buy wood for Ethers

The Russians found a way to bypass the ICO ban in China. DAO Lescoin has developed a separate smart-contract for wood pre-sale. No need to buy a security, if it is illegal in your country. One can buy the Lescoin futures for wood supply and exchange the product to cash on a fixed price after the ICO. The minimum order for $5000 doesn't seem to stop Chinese buyers.

“Our first customer from China arrived 2 weeks before the launch of the advertising campaign. He complained that the cabinet didn't fully work and we rewarded him with extra bonuses. Now the cabinet is fixed, but we still have no idea how the guy learned about Lescoin”, said Gridin.

5. Russian regulators welcome the project

Russia made a U-turn in the policy on crypto-currencies and we all know why. Putin's sweet dream is to bypass the US sanctions and bring some foreign cash into the country. Yet the Russian Central Bank is unhappy. The full legalisation of crypto-currencies can put the rouble, a national currency, on its historical low. How to solve the dilemma? Now we know the answer.
Russia only welcomes crypto-investors in the certain region – the Far East, “a free investment zone” – and only in real economy sector. DAO Lescoin is the first project where you can legally invest your Ethers in Russia's natural resources. Finally, the outcome of Putin and Buterin's meeting.

This is a one of its kind ICO: lescoin.io


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