Last Day to Join Giftz and Enjoy Their All Time High ETH Deal

Feb 22, 2018 at 13:57 // News
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Last day to join Giftz

The loyalty rewards program Giftz is ending their initial coin offering this thursday, and to celebrate a successful fundraising they are keeping their promise and making your Ether worth more than ever!


But it is only until February 22nd, or even earlier, if the few remaining tokens are sold out! 

What is Giftz™? 

The Giftz program will allow any business to create their own white labeled “tokenized points” using their base token, creating value for your customers on the blockchain. Use tokens for customer acquisition, retention and ongoing engagement. These tokens can be rewarded in many ways along a customer’s omnichannel journey to-and-after a sale.

But it is not just for merchants, it is also a powerful tool for buyers. By allowing you to collect and utilize their tokens in a variety of ways, the Giftz program increases the consumer buying power and let them earn incredible rewards.


Less than a tenth of the tokens remain!

Why Adopt the All Time High ETH Value? 

Giftz believe that no one should be at a loss because of ether’s price variation, but also wants to keep the consistency of having a fixed price token in dollars. You might be asking how they are planning to achieve that. The answer is quite simple: keep itCoin at a flat dollar price, and also use a constant dollar value for ETH, this way customers are not dependant on market oscillations.

And the value chosen by Giftz is the highest Ether has ever been: $1432.88.   

Giftz has proved their commitment to everyone that would like to join their network, and has been around even before adopting the blockchain technology. This down to earth approach has earned Giftz a lot of recognition in specialized media, being listed as Top 10 ICOs to Watch in 2018 Inc Magazine Blog Article & Top 5 of 14 Blockchain Companies 2018 Blog Article.

To learn more about Giftz check out their website at:, but hurry, sales end in less than 24 hours!

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