Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Jan 4

Jan 04, 2017 at 11:25 // KCN Videos
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ICO analysis by Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence

New analysis methods in fintech-program HSE{Pro}Fintech. Winner of Blockchain Hack Hackaton, Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence Project is working on intelligent analysis of blockchain assets. According to an interview with project representative for Forklog.com - startup uses do not use the blockchain infrastructure, they are building analysis of, for example, ICO on an open database.

MBA exploring the blockchain technologies

MBA students have been exploring the relevance of blockchain technologies. Bitcoin exchange Kraken and weekly news magazine The Economist hosted a competition of investment attractiveness of bitcoin and ethereum. In competition participated 13 different business school teams. The Freeman School of Business won by creating a minimum-variance portfolio of 67% bitcoin and 33% ethers. 

Travel Agency in Venezuela is completely switched to settlements in Bitcoins

Around the World in Bitcoins. Destinia Travel Agency announced the solution not to take the payments in national currency for their services in connection with the economic crisis in Venezuela. Now provided by the company tours to popular tourist destinations, including Spain, Cuba, Mexico and the island of Margarita, as well as tickets can be only purchased for Bitcoins. DESTINIA accepts cryptocurrency payments not for the first year, noting that cryptocurrency users are the most active clients of the company's services.

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Trade relations of Africa and China through blockchain

Тrade relations of Africa and China are now backed with blockchain technologies. According to the Coinidol.com, Bitpesa company making payments including Bitcoin, has optimized the platform for the transfers from Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda to China. 95% of the goods from the designated States are delivered from China. The chief operating officer at Bitpesa Charlene Chen says, the old payment systems do not provide any rate of passage money or security.

E-Dinar Coin trading at SpaceBTC

E-Dinar Coin reinforces its positions. Ecological decentralized cryptocurrency has recently been introduced at leading British exchange platform Space BTC owing to partnership of both organizations and rapid cryptocurrency development among participants around the world. Edinarcoin.com website reports that new currency pairs EDR to BTC are going to be added to global cryptocurrency rating Coinmarketcap.com which opens new opportunities of E-Dinar Coin using.

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