Koles Coin News: Cryptocurrency News Videos, Dec 18

Dec 18, 2016 at 18:58
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Citi & Cobalt DL to simplife the trading

The simplifying of foreign exchange trading. Citi has made an undisclosed investment in Cobalt DL, a London startup aiming to use the technology behind bitcoin - blockchain. The businessinsider.com reports - company aims to create a single, shared view of each transaction to allow people to safely view and edit shared ledgers. James Bindler, Global Head of G10 FX at Citi, says in an emailed statement: "We have been impressed with the way Cobalt DL is redesigning the post-trade FX infrastructure with its practical implementation of distributed ledger technology.

Wyre to launch the cross border payment platform

The door to blockchain for inexperienced users. Wyre, a payments company that uses the blockchain to conduct transactions, has announced the launch of its cross-border payments platform. According to the coinidol.com, Wyre is the industry's fastest money transfer platform and acts as the intermediary between the more intimidating "blockchain" technology which some companies may not be familiar with, or are unsure how to get started in. The Series A funding round of Wyre was closed with $5,8 million investment led by Chinese venture capital firm Amphora Capital 

Indian state Andhra Pradesh to use blockchain

In the wake of demonetization. Blockchain technology will be used to protect a database from cyber-attacks by Indian state Andhra Pradesh firstly in Asia. Chief Minister of the state Nara Chandrababu Naidu is planning to make his state cashless in order to fight the cash crunch. CoinIdol.com reports - the Fintech Valley of Visakhapatnam and IBM have organized a workshop on blockchain technology to train police forces in Andhra Pradesh on the latest technology to prevent cyber-crime.

Robots for bitcoins helps lawyers

Robots as the law guards. The first robot-lawyer was presented in Ukraine as a part of the International Forum of legal services. The bot operates 24/7,speaks the language of its employer, can be easily trained, checks the name of the company, solves queds, and helps to select a necessary taxation system. A chat bot for Telegram messenger was created to asssit the lawyer in registration of a legal business. The cost of a robotic employee for the company is one bitcoin annually.

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