Italy to Add Another Use Case for Blockchain in Supply Chain

Jun 30, 2019 at 09:46 // News
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This time, the technology will be used to track cod and artichokes.

Italy will add another major use case for blockchain tech in supply chain tracking. This time around, the technology will be used to track cod and artichokes. Bofrost, a startup dealing in frozen food products, has adopted to apply the EY OpsChain Traceability solution that is developed on Ethereum’s Blockchain. Among the two products to be traceable using this blockchain system are the Northern Cod Fillets plus the Artichoke Heart Slices, probably early next month.

Consumers Use Smartphone to Substantiate Goods

The startup in question will offer a completely digital solution to authenticate the operations of distributors, improve supply chain controls and manage the whole supply chain process, starting from the collection points of basic raw materials up to delivery point of the finished goods to final users, while guaranteeing maximum compliance with transparency standards and quality assurance.  

A QR code will be attached to the product to enable consumers to access the entire particulars of the products, processing phases, sources and other important details using their smartphones, when they buy/deliver the products. This is a great innovation to the frozen food sector in Italy, according to the managing director of the startup Gianluca Tesolin.

Using a smartphone, a consumer will easily ascertain: the whole destroy of a frozen cod package, for instance, the time the fish is caught up to the point of sale, passing through storage and packaging, plus the temperature of the packed products; and even know every info about frozen artichokes like the distributor, cultivation place, temperature in product stores, etc.

Blockchain for agrifood can as well work as a virtual notary which monitor and records each stage of the manufacturing chain in an unchangeable system.

Growth in Blockchain Use Cases

All data that the startup makes is accessible with total transparency by scanning and examining the QR code attached to the packaged goods, and a consumer can easily access all the particulars of the good directly by using his or her smartphone. Therefore, final users will be in a position to make correct procuring selections based on certifiable information concerning the details of the goods, for instance, the origin of the product, quality standards, safety, and others.

The deployment of this nascent groundbreaking technology in Italy has not started today, the technology is being in many sectors under different ways. For instance, blockchain is being used in agrifood sector to track some products including baby food to maintain its nutrition safety above 90%, carrots, fruits & vegetables, oranges, wines, and many others. Now that the tracing of frozen food using distributed ledger tech will also start soon, the blockchain industry will experience a significant boost in the country.

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