E-Commerce: Place of Cryptocurrency in Italian Online Market

Feb 16, 2019 at 09:05 // News
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Italy is rated as one of the most active European nations in terms of purchases of goods and services by electronic means.

The e-commerce sector in Italy is expanding. According to the 2017 statistics, nearly half the total number of Internet users in the world have purchased something online at least once. This trend seems to be popular in China, the USA, Germany, as well as in Italy.

Dominance of E-Commerce 

Italy is rated as one of the most active European nations in terms of purchases of goods and services by electronic means. Furthermore, according to the statistics, 68% of Internet users are already accustomed to e-commerce

It is also interesting to notice, making a reference to the peculiar Italian reality, the most frequent orders are related to travel (air tickets and hotel reservations), free time activities (with particular attention to shows and bets), health, fashion, beauty, the food industry, furniture, and the technology sector. 

In any case, the general propensity to increase the volume of purchases made via the Internet evolves in a tight connection with the online payment sector, with all the repercussions with regard to security of purchases and privacy, and with the relative adjustment of operators. 

Crypto as an Easy Method for Online Payments 

E-commerce in 2019 seems to be developing even faster, with the most credible and most commonly used online payment systems by Internet users being: 

● Credit Card
● Bank Transfer
● Cash on Delivery
● PayPal
● Prepaid Cards
● Virtual Currency (Bitcoin) 

The IT sector is at the forefront of bitcoin adoption. However, other areas of online business have started to feel that cryptos are the future of online payment. 

Bitcoin Acceptance 

Let’s consider some complex statistics suggesting that bitcoin won’t go anywhere in the future. According to one study, 33% of European respondents interviewed in 2016 had the opinion that digital currencies represented the future of online shopping. The world goes digital. 

In other research, statistics disclosed that the number of bitcoins in circulation grew steadily and reached about 16.42 million in June 2017. Besides, the data size of all global bitcoin transactions is estimated to make up 85 gigabytes as of September 2016. It seems crypto is getting popular. European investments in the bitcoin mining sector amounted to about $69 million. There also was a further investment of $34 million in the development of digital wallets bitcoin. 

New Word in Comfort 

There is no doubt that such huge popularity and adoption of the fintech is caused by its convenience in use and other benefits. Bitcoin offers so many advantages to e-commerce that it seems to be perfectly made for this. It increases the speed of instant money transfer. And the customer doesn't have to enter sensitive data like card details, pin number, etc. As there are no sensitive or confidential data, there are no security concerns as well, making the system almost impossible to hack.

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