Internet of Coins Launches Hybrid Asset on Multiple Blockchains

Mar 14, 2017 at 11:50 // PR

Internet of Coins announces the launch of “hybrid asset”, a multi-blockchain token. Crowdsale goes live on March 21, 2017.

March 13, 2017, Netherlands – Internet of Coins, a non-profit cryptocurrency technology development organization has announced the launch of “Hybrid Asset”, an inter-systemic, cross blockchain token. Currently, under development, the asset enables transfer of value between ledger systems without needing any update or adaptation of the existing cryptocurrency source code.

As a part of its initiative, the organization has announced an upcoming Internet of Coins crowdsale on March 21, 2017. The platform has early bird options in place for investors interested in receiving a 5% discount during the crowdsale. They can avail more details about it by contacting the organization on its website.

The Internet of Coins team presented a live demonstration of the transactional operating system and the graphical user interface that powers the novel hybrid asset blockchain technology. The presentation on Bitcoin Wednesday at A-Lab in Amsterdam was well received by the cryptocurrency community and industry peers.

The development team has been working relentlessly on the project codes since the launch of its whitepaper in 2014. They recently announced Coinstorm, the project launch campaign. Through Coinstorm, Internet of Coins is encouraging a revolutionary collaboration among cryptocurrency enthusiasts to decentralize the alternative economy scene further.

The founder of Internet of Coins, Joachim de Koning said,

“Our goal is to create a coherent whole out of the decentralized economy initiatives we see today. There are more than a few decentralized exchange initiatives out there that we are bonding together to form a decentralized financial web.”

Internet of Coins’ hybrid asset functions as a dynamic portfolio, spreading the risk from holding value on a single blockchain to storing it on multiple chains. It diversifies the technical and economic risks over multiple value systems housing the assets. Designed with a strong meta-level approach, the hybrid asset offers safety from cryptocurrency volatility and blockchain failures by providing a new vehicle for value storage.

The co-founder of Internet of Coins, Robert de Groot describing the project’s aim said,

“With this system, we aim to make everyone an exchange, to take away the risks of trusting a centralized third party and to connect alternative economies across geographical borders. Exchanging value should become as easy as swapping files; we aim for Internet of Coins to become the Bittorrent of cryptocurrencies and asset systems.”

The founders of Internet of Coins expect the hybrid asset distribution to lead to an increase in liquidity on decentralized exchanges while ensuring interconnectivity between different cryptocurrency systems with their own values and beliefs about what decentralized value is and how it should work.

About Internet of Coins

Internet of Coins is a not for profit initiative created to maintain decentralization of cryptocurrency infrastructure by allowing cross-compatibility of digital assets between blockchains. The organization aims to enable the free and unlimited exchange of value among blockchain-based systems and other financial systems.

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