INGOT Coin Develops An All-Inclusive Ecosystem to Bridge Markets, Revives Lost Demand

May 03, 2018 at 15:01 // News
Ingot Coin develops an ecosystem to bridge markets

Linking the current crypto universe to the traditional financial institutions has become one of the biggest challenges facing the adoption of this emerging industry by mainstream institutions.

Ethereum blockchain-based ecosystem, INGOT COIN, is bridging this divide.

An Integrated Ecosystem

Designed and developed by a world-class team of industry veterans, INGOT COIN (IC) is an all-inclusive, financial ecosystem directly linking the traditional financial market to cryptocurrency through innovative banking, exchange and brokerage infrastructures. The IC ecosystem aims to revive and restore the missing unity between both markets through six core financial structures, bringing together everyday payments under a single umbrella. The unification of these services will enable the community to capitalize on opportunities and leverage information across all markets.

“INGOT Coin will create a complete solution by integrating 6 core ecosystem components and providing a one-stop-shop for the digital asset, traditional asset, and currency markets,” explains Iman Mutlaq, Director of INGOT Group and founder of INGOT Coin.

INGOT COIN ecosystem consists of a multicurrency wallet service, a digital bank, exchange services, brokerage, certifier, and blockchain startup accelerator. With its focus on integrating two different markets on a unifying platform, users on the ecosystem will be able to seamlessly exchange values -- transferring cryptocurrencies for use in real-world activities and vice versa. The ecosystem also offers additional services.

Linking Both Worlds

INGOT COIN development is being informed by a team of certified experts. The platform will offer round the clock support to address any concern, establish services and linkage between the crypto and traditional markets, facilitate fast, secure and safe entry and exit mechanisms for these markets, provide tools for streamlining and making trading techniques and reallocation effective without the traditional hindrances associated with the previously segregated markets.

INGOT Coin CMO  outlined the potential of the ecosystem, stating:

“INGOT Coin will make trading direct, cost-efficient, less timely and more available round the clock by utilizing distributed technologies and discarding the issues brought by third-party intermediaries and banks such as high fees, unavailability, and time consumption” stated INGOT COIN CMO, Ahmed Khawanky. “Being in the market since 1993, we can see that as technology progresses, the more efficient the markets are.”

INGOT COIN ecosystem is primarily a facilitator of custodial and brokerage operations, encompassing all the required functions of traditional financial instruments. The ecosystem will facilitate the linking of multi-signature and cold storage IC Wallets through a fully-fledged Exchange and an intuitive Brokerage facility. Users will be able to securely trade cryptos, seamlessly switch to traditional markets, and expand upon or liquidate assets through the IC Bank. INGOT has also announced that it will be introducing short-selling concepts in the Middle East and North Africa.


As a veteran player in the global financial market, INGOT has provided varieties of financial products and services for the market, including; ETFs, commodities, energies, metals,  international shares and indices, and currencies.

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