New Image-Hosting Site Pays Bitcoin to Users for Sharing Photos

Jan 02, 2017 at 15:11 // News
Jacob Okonya
Getting Bitcoins for sharing photos

The new image-hosting service, Supload, pays users who upload photos to the website 50% of the funds generated from Ads running on the site. The service has a minimum withdraw of $1.00 and users can withdraw at any time into their bitcoin wallet.

Image sharing is the modern way of sharing information and reporting events that happen in different parts of the world. The recent war in Syria has been reported to the world media by civilians who share images taken from their mobile phones in social media and on image sharing services. Supload, a new image sharing service wants to revolutionize the industry by paying users for sharing their images on its website.
What is supload? What kind of services does it offer and what format of images does it allow? spoke to the Supload’s CEO, Mike Reilly, about his company, and he said:

“Supload is a website for hosting images. We pay our users who upload their images to our servers in bitcoin. We chose bitcoin as a payment method because it’s convenient to pay small amounts to several people using bitcoin. Bitcoin charges smaller transaction fees than other online payment solutions. Users can upload photos in all the major formats and animated GIFS.”

Which services available on the internet directly compete with Supload’s service?

Supload has been in operations for barely a month. spoke to Jason Medley, VP of Talent at Imgur, another photo sharing service, about the competition that lies ahead for the company and whether it will be able to withstand the competition or be knocked out at an early stage. He commented to

“There are very many websites that offer image hosting services on the web. With the biggest currently being Imgur. Although they don’t reward people who upload images to their site they receive a mind-blowing number of daily visitors, estimated at about 80 million unique visitors a month. I believe that supload will gradually pull a large number of daily visitors too, given the fact that they pay people to upload on their site.”

What should Supload do to improve this service?

To shake off all these competitors and still be able to earn enough ad dollars, supload would need some concrete plans, majorly garnered towards improving quality of content and avoiding plagiarism. spoke to Lynn Chambers, manager at the Institute of Photography, an online photography school:

“Their main goal is stated clearly that it’s to make sure bitcoin is easier to obtain for users all over the world. I think plans to have mobile apps on both the IOS and the android platform should be underway. through this, we will be able to reach millions of users who like to uses the convenience of their smartphones to take and upload images directly to our website. All file types should be included on the platform. Then boom! They are good.”

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