Ideaology Potential, Token, and Projects

Nov 24, 2021 at 12:34 // PR
Guest Author
Ideaology potential is undeniable

Ideaology potential is undeniable. IDEA price is $0.4145 currently, with a 4.75% increase in price in the last 24h.

24h Low: $0.3887

24h High: $0.4697

7d Low: $0.324

7d High: $0.4906

Comparing 24h and 7d Lows and Highs shows the low volatility of the token, the price has been consistent.

Key Support level: $0.38

Key Resistance level: $0.49

Taking Support/Resistance levels into consideration also shows low volatility of $IDEA.

It’s also hinting at a bullish phase.


There’s a bullish pattern, and near the bottom part of the wedge is a good position to buy.

Besides this, Ideaology has been working on many upcoming projects, including a freelance platform, NFT market, game studio, etc.

If this goes according to plan, $IDEA could potentially sky-rocket.

You can find Ideaology on:

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