Through Difficulties to Stars: How the Noah Project Copes With a Declining Market

Sep 13, 2018 at 11:29 // News
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The main goal of this Asian startup is to introduce innovative technologies to people and to bring about social innovation through blockchain.

Analyzing the overall summer performance, we see the drastically falling market. Over the three month period, it had declined by $106 billion, Bitcoin exceeded $8,000 and then dropped below $6,000 while most altcoins decreased to their annual minimum. In fact, the cryptocurrency market lost 36% of the price over the 11 weeks and returned to the November’s lowest. Still, the decline is not an obstacle for projects that are developing the products and achieving the milestones set on the roadmap. Especially when they are largely supported by the global crypto community. The Noah Project is among such companies.

Despite the fact that summertime has been tough and mostly marked in “red”, Noah Coin had experienced several peaks. Its market cap jumped to $94,611,371 on June 12th, and then skyrocketed to $124,032,495 on the 30th of August. The Noah team enthusiastically took this news because the capitalization growth means that contributors are interested in this token and the Noah Project that will widely use Noah Coin in its ecosystem.   

The main goal of this Asian startup is to introduce innovative technologies to people and to bring about social innovation through blockchain. The founders are going to create the entire ecosystem powered by their token which will comprise of the first-ever crypto city, a chic Noah Resort where travelers will be able to transact in Noah Coins, as well as the solution for fast and easy remittances, and much more. 

Envisioning a High-tech Future   

One of the most exciting and indeed unprecedented goals is to create a real crypto hub in Asia. The Noah Project team is building a crypto paradise for all blockchain enthusiasts called the Noah City. It will become a part of Horizon Manila, the future largest business district in the Philippines. Its citizens and guests will be able to buy various services and goods for their Noah Coins and obtain all the possible benefits, including discounts and loyalty programs.   

The project’s team has other far-reaching plans to build a magnificent resort in Zamboanga del Norte. For this purpose, the founders collaborate with Dakak Beach Resort famous for its horizonless sand beaches, pure sea air, wonderful countryside, and breathtaking sunsets. The guests will get an exclusive access to a great number of amenities and services such as various sport activities, relaxing procedures and many other things, which they will be able to get with Noah Coins. Thereby, the Noah Project will tokenize the tourism industry and make it crypto and blockchain-friendly, opening new opportunities for travelers. 

The Noah City and the luxury resort are not the only projects that the Noah team focuses on. Using breakthrough technologies, the Noah Project also works on facilitating the economic and social growth. The founders have developed the remittance system allowing Filipino overseas workers to send money to their relatives faster, cheaper, and easier. Thanks to blockchain technologies, the transaction costs can be reduced to 2-3% instead of the current 10%. In this way, the project provides real value literally to millions of people who work in foreign countries to support their loved ones back at home. 

To make the remittance process even more convenient, the project’s team has developed the Noah Wallet, allowing Noah Coin holders to easily manage their digital assets. Besides, transactions in Noah Coin are available via PayRemit, one of the largest payment gateways in the Philippines. It opens doors to a wide range of products and services that Noah Coin owners can buy at the stores of the PayRemit network. 

Developing by Leaps and Bounds   

The Noah team indeed has done its best and made an outstanding progress this summer. First of all, the Noah Project got featured on Sky News Business, one of the largest television channels in Australia. Josef Werker, the project spokesperson, was invited as a guest to the first-ever TV program devoted to blockchain companies. The audience was able to look at the sneak peak of the future Noah Resort. More than 40 million viewers could have seen the premier episode of Coincast TV! 

Recently, the Noah Project has made another true breakthrough - its coin got listed on CoinPayments, one of the world's largest processing platforms that supports over 880 cryptocurrencies and allows merchants to accept digital assets worldwide. From now on, vendors can easily integrate payments in Noah Coin, while its holders can enjoy using it. 

CoinPayments has become the seventh platform where Noah Coin holders can trade their tokens and get many benefits such as loyalty programs, special discounts on purchases, and a seamless access to other facilities of the Noah ecosystem. Recall that Noah Coin is available on HitBTC, Changelly, BTC-Alpha, Mercatox, Livecoin, and YoBit. 

"Our goal is to create a borderless world through blockchain and cryptocurrency for everyone - crypto enthusiasts, businessmen, travelers, for people all over the world,” the Noah team comments. “We make every effort to reach our goal and conquer new peaks in the project development." 

The Noah Project is a very eloquent example of the fact that no obstacles would prevent an idea with clear goals from developing and succeeding. Even when the market is declining, you can get the most out of this situation and find a real pearl among a large number of projects. Don't hesitate and join the ambitious Noah team right now! 

To learn more about the Noah Project, ask questions to the Noah team and get the latest updates, join the official Telegram chat, follow the project on Facebook and Twitter. Welcome aboard!

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