Hong Kong Startup AVINOC to Bring Blockchain Innovation to Business Aviation

Jul 21, 2018 at 16:08 // News
AVINOC hopes to bring efficiency into operations, initially targeting Business Aviation (BizAv), progressing onwards into Airline Business.

The Aviation Network Operation Chain (AVINOC) aims to bring together General Aviation (GA) businesses together on one global platform powered by the innovative effectiveness and decentralization of blockchain technology.

Changing The Way The Aviation Industry Works 

Just as Facebook changed the way people connected with each other with its earliest use in American universities, AVINOC seeks to become the major network for BizAv by building a solid foundation for addressing inefficiencies in the sector via blockchain. 

For over half a century, the same technologies have been behind airline air travel organization, collectively known as the Global Distribution System (GDS). Airlines and travel companies all around the world use GDS to make transactions, but the market is dominated by only three players. 

Although recent years have seen price comparisons and booking portals crop up, this has further separated customers from airlines, making the process less transparent. Over time, this has translated into artificial system of overpricing and a weakened airline market. 

The AVINOC Path 

Beginning with Airline and Charter Business scheduling as part of a global development roadmap, and by tackling the shortfalls of centralization in the industry, AVINOC hopes to bring efficiency into operations, initially targeting Business Aviation (BizAv), progressing onwards into Airline Business. 

The Hong Kong-based tech firm will use advanced technology to connect all aviation stakeholders, from passengers and airlines, to air traffic control and travel agencies, disrupting the conventional models of travel booking giants such as Expedia and Checkfelix. Its platform will be the single solution for simplified processes. 

By shedding third parties and intermediaries, consumers can directly access service providers, for example, passengers with airlines to book flights. It will allow for bulk orders such as group bookings for more organized travel and simplicity. Blockchain-powers AVINOC allows airline providers to be contacted just as they would on common social chatting apps. 

AVINOC will create new management concepts for GA Business and introduce innovations to ticketing, bookings, all aimed to save time and costs for both airlines and passengers, while empowering travelers. 

The AVINOC Token Generation Event 

AVINOC’s strength lies in an internal payment system and generic model, which will take initial shape in the form of ERC-20 digital tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The AVINOC token will be a utility token, available in global circulation and open for trade on the open market. 

Each interaction with the blockchain will require AVINOC tokens, to protect from spam and to optimize processes. Paying for tickets, crews, fuels, handling, maintenance and many other products and services will also be made with AVINOC tokens. 

There will be 400 million tokens out of a max supply of 1 billion, available for sale to the public at a base price of $0.05 per token. 

To learn more about AVINOC and its token sale, visit the website and read the whitepaper. Connect with the growing community on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

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