Former Alibaba Senior Manager Revolutionizes Parenting Through Blockchain

Dec 06, 2017 at 09:31 // News

Shaoming Yang, who used to work for Alibaba, has joined Babystep and will now be chief business development officer for the Chinese startup that provides the most expansive library of educational video content to parents in 8 languages.

Furthermore, Yang will be handling the e-commerce side on both Babystep as well as FamilyPoints, the very first blockchain platform of its kind. Yang will also form strategic partnership to benefit both FamilyPoints and BabyStep.

FamilyPoints is pivoting itself to revolutionize the global $6 trillion market, creating a community and channel where parenting products and services can be rated and reviewed. FamilyPoints aims to prevent manufactures and service provers from being able to mislead consumers as easily, by establishing trust in a way that is immutable and verified. 

To develop the platform, as well as market and expand the platform into key markets once it’s up and running, FamilyPoints will be issuing FamilyPoints Tokens (FPT), which will be used to pay the subscription fees associated with accessing the platform. 

Tokens are ERC20 compliant, and built upon the Ethereum blockchain. Users such as parents, service providers, and merchants will be the first target audience that comes to mind for FPT tokens, but also any institution looking to advertise to a niche customer base, as well as product manufacteres who want to bypass the retail middleman and sell to the customer directly could take advantage of the FamilyPoints platform. 

Lastly, other stakeholders may join the platform as they see the potential FamilyPoints possesses. 

To learn more about FamilyPoints and keep up to date on its upcoming Token Generation Event, please visit

BabyStep’s official website: 

About Babystep

Founded in 2015, Babystep has built the world’s largest video library of educational parenting content with over 1,150 videos in 8 different languages. The company is a winner of the prestigious G-Startup award, China’s biggest startup competition, and has since launched its mobile video platform. Babystep generated 15 million organic monthly views and has an established subscriber base of 1.5 million in 2017. Simultaneously, Babystep has begun to retail its own furniture in China while building an e-commerce presence on Taobao, Xiaohongshu (小红书), and Yidoutang.

We are in the top 3 parenting channels in Baidu app for moms, Top-10 educational content provider for Alibaba and Fastest growing education content in Toutiao and

About FamilyPoints

FamilyPoints is a scalable, blockchain-based platform which enables parents to earn up to 40% rewards from purchases of baby and maternity products. Parents can spend those rewards on education services for their children within the platform. As a part of the reward points system, parents can use their points for educational content, professional consultations with experts, live streaming webinars, classes in early education centers, and other services[6] [7] . FamilyPoints can offer users with higher rewards because it works with selected manufacturers and brands directly and eliminates all unnecessary markups. Over time other services including banking, insurance, and travel may also be offered through the platform.


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