The World's First Decentralized Web Hosting Ecosystem Powered by Cryptocurrencies

Aug 07, 2017 at 15:39 // News
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Nametoken seeks to implement a modern decentralized web hosting ecosystem that will utilize Ethereum's blockchain technology to revolutionize the domain registry industry.  

Through the incorporation of an intuitive mobile app, Nametoken seeks to create a community of domain registry investors to work together in determining the overall ROI potential of future domain names.   

The domain registry industry continues to show explosive growth with an average annual increase of 3.7% reported since 2015.  In the first quarter of 2017, there were 330.6 million domain names registered with nearly 1.3 million domain names falling under the .com and .net TLDs (Top Level Domains). This trend is expected to increase exponentially as access to high-speed data transfer become the new reality for millions across the globe.   

This explosion of online traffic is sure to continue to drive domain names up in value.  Premium domains already fetch a hefty price tag with domains such as ($11 million) and ($16 million) fetching double digit price tags in the millions.  Nametoken intends to invest into this digital real estate and reap the hefty rewards.   

The staff at Nametoken has over 20 years of experience investing in the domain name registry sector equaling many millions in profit.   This experience will be combined with real time input from other investors via their innovative mobile app.  This mobile platform allows users to give their feedback on the ROI probability of a domain name.  Users are rewarded for their participation with additional Nat tokens.  This revolutionary interface is intended to give the Nametoken team instant access to valuable investor feedback as well as increase NAT tokens overall market share value. 

The initial ICO will offer 98,000,000 NAT tokens, 10% of these will be reserved for the legal and development team while the additional 90% is to be offered directly to the public.  The NAT token is designed to be a deflationary coin with 50% of the ICO net profits earmarked for reinvestment back into the token to further its market share value.  NAT tokens are able to use smart contract technology as they live on the Ethereum blockchain.   

This strategy, coupled with the intuitive mobile app, allows for a fluent exchange of information regarding the ROI that a certain domain name may possess.  Additionally, Nametoken plans to invest into a full suite of web applications including hosting, encryption, and development services.     

The first domain acquisitions are scheduled to begin in October 2017.  Application development will follow shortly thereafter in the fourth quarter of 1017 and by the first quarter of 2018, Beta testing will be under way. 

Nametoken has found a refreshing way to incorporate blockchain technology into one of most essential business needs, web hosting.  Their innovative domain name registry investment strategy is sure to shake up the industry as the competition seeks to try to compete with the first decentralized web hosting ecosystem. 

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