Decentralized EVEN Platform Launching Public Pre-Sale on April 26

Apr 15, 2018 at 13:16 // PR
EVEN launches presale

Decentralized exchange platform EVEN has announced its public presale date. The project will make the first round of tokens available to the public on the 26th of April, 2018.

EVEN DEX, the first fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, is launching its public Pre-Sale on April 26 in preparation for the upcoming ICO stage. The project is designed with complete decentralization in mind on the basis of a proprietary blockchain to allow users full integrity and security of funds and to ensure transparent and secure transactions with cryptocurrency assets.

The EVEN decentralized platform is heading for its ICO stage as a unique project that has no competitors on the market at present, as all currently operating exchanges are centralized in one way or another. Using its master node system and fully decentralized approach to conducting cryptocurrency exchange operations, the EVEN platform aims at solving the issues of funds security, transaction speeds and availability of professional instruments for trading. Currently, available exchange platform solutions operate through third parties to store user funds, thus subjecting them to risk. The EVEN platform intends to implement its exchange on a proprietary blockchain and ensure entirely decentralized funds storage.

The greatest issues currently facing exchanges operating on the market are related to increasing activity and tightening of regulations on the part of state and international regulating authorities for political or economic reasons or as a result of hacker attacks or fraudulent activities. Such actions are limiting the operational capacities of centralized exchanges and seriously hamper the development of the crypto industry.

The advantages presented by the  EVEN platform include such highly necessary inbuilt instruments as the DEX multicurrency wallet with incorporated protection from third-party interference. The platform also offers a convenient exchange with user-friendly buying and exchange options for a wide range of available cryptocurrencies. In addition, the EVEN platform has a decentralized escrow option for the smart contract, thus ensuring maximum protection from external interference.

The EVEN platform is developed in the C ++ programming language using the OpenSSL cryptographic library. The solution is a modified implementation of the consensus generation algorithm Delegated Proof of Stake and the implementation of the Decentralized Security Deposit algorithm developed by EVEN Foundation.

The EVEN platform is aiming at operating entirely within the legal regulatory environment and establishing working relations with the regulating authorities. Our cooperative approach to creating direct access to liquidity on the crypto market is of strategic advantage for the EVEN project and is aimed at catering to all platform participants by ensuring the security of their activities and the safety of their funds.

Having examined the faults and aspects of various exchanges existing on the market and having learned from the historical aspects of the crypto industry’s development, the development team of the EVEN exchange platform is determined to create a product that would cater to the needs of modern crypto market participants.

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